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Gear & Equipment

Gear & Equipment

Looking for a tent? Sleeping bag? Multitool? Cross country skis? That fresh Garmin gizmo they just released? This gear is available in Scandinavian Outdoor - our product range has evolved during more than three decades, to serve outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen. Our staff and chiefs regularly use and wear the products we sell, and we are happy whenever we can help you choose the products your use.

Most viewed

Halti Aida 30
Aida 30
49,00 € (109,00 €)

Tilava, linjakas päiväreppu.

Garmin inReach Explore+
inReach Explore+
549.00 €

A new level of safety: gps with integrated SOS functionality.

Made in Finland
Savotta Happy Stove
Happy Stove
29.00 €

A compact and light wood stove.

Marmot Trestles Elite 30
Trestles Elite 30
150,00 €

Todella kevyt kolmen vuodenajan pussi jonka huppu aukeaa tarvittaessa kokonaan. Ext. -18,5°C