Immersion suits

Ursuit immersion suits are at the top of the game. Made in Finland with the strict quality control needed in safety related products, Ursuit products keep you safe. For paddlers, fishermen and rescue professionals Ursuit has been the brand of choice for decades. Ursuit immersion suits are built to keep your clothes dry, dramatically increasing your chances of survival in a man over board situation. An immersion suit doesn't stop working when you get out of the water either, as it keeps the weather off your skin in a situation that would be hard to survive with wet clothes.
14 products
MPS Multi Purpose Suit
$ 582.68
Ursuit MPS Multi Purpose Suit
AWS 4-Tex
$ 757.74
Ursuit AWS 4-Tex
Active Watersport Lady Suit 4-Tex
Outdoor price
$ 757.74
$ 783.00
Ursuit Active Watersport Lady Suit 4-Tex
Auto Kit
$ 39.19
Helly Hansen Auto Kit
Thermofill Heavy Short
$ 312.68
Ursuit Thermofill Heavy Short
Thermofill Heavy Tall
$ 312.68
Ursuit Thermofill Heavy Tall
Thermofill Light Regular
$ 286.55
Ursuit Thermofill Light Regular
Gemino Action GTX
$ 1,340.42
Ursuit Gemino Action GTX
Gemino Operative 4-Tex
$ 1,302.10
Ursuit Gemino Operative 4-Tex
MPS Multi Purpose Suit junior
$ 426.77
Ursuit MPS Multi Purpose Suit junior
Thermofill Heavy Regular
$ 312.68
Ursuit Thermofill Heavy Regular
Thermofill Light Tall
$ 286.55
Ursuit Thermofill Light Tall
Thermofill Light Short
$ 286.55
Ursuit Thermofill Light Short
Gemino Operative
$ 1,471.94
Ursuit Gemino Operative