Cooperating with Scandinavian Outdoor

We are interested in cooperation projects that fit our values and bring mutual benefit!

If you're about to undertake an exciting project, for instance, outdoor traveling, and are a capable photographer, or if you have some other form of an idea for cooperation, don't hesitate to tell us.

We get contacted a lot with all kinds of ideas. The more unique and interesting you make your message, the better are your chances of getting through. Your schedule is also necessary: the earlier before your excursion you contact us, the better.

Tell us at least:

Where you're going, your schedule, your goals and who's going. Also, tell us what you've been up to so far in your life.

Also, tell us who you're planning on working with in addition to us. Do you have deals with media companies etc?

What do you expect of cooperation with us? Do you need media visibility, gear or money? The more specific you can be with your needs, the easier it is to get started with negotiations. What is the unique thing you can offer us? Why is it a good idea for us to work with you?

Contact our social media guru,, with your well-made letter. If we find your plans interesting, we'll contact you!