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Our customer service is offline 23th - 25th of June. On Monday 26th of June we are all back in business!

Winter sports

Winter sports

Scandinavian Outdoor is a winter sports expert - our staff includes ski guides and racers. We will give you advice on the suitable ski for your use, and we can choose the correct pair of cross country skis for you based on your height and weight. With alpine skis we will naturally adjust the bindings for your weight.

Cross country skis have seen a revolution as new grip technologies have taken over - waxing skills are not required.

Alpine skiing is a microcosm of alternatives from jibbing to free skiing. Feel free to ask us for advice if you can’t decide which gear to choose!

Most viewed

Leki Trail
69.90 €

Reliable telescopic poles for hiking, trekking and backpacking.

Leki Photosystem Alu
Photosystem Alu
89.00 €

A clever telescopic hiking pole with thread for camera.

Komperdell Highlander Cork
Highlander Cork
59.90 €

Sturdy aluminium hiking poles with cork grips.

Komperdell Carbon Approach Vario
Carbon Approach Vario
99.00 €

Sturdy aluminium hiking poles with cork grips.

Komperdell Ridgehiker Cork Power Lock
Ridgehiker Cork Power Lock
89.90 €

Reliable hiking poles with cork handle.

Leki Corklite AS
Corklite AS
119.00 €

Quality poles with anti-shock technology.