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The by now legendary Partiovaruste ski maintenance shop
at our Kuninkoja store!

Our professional ski crew takes care of your skis with years and even decades of experience. Using top notch Wintersteiger machinery, they make sure every pair of skis is handled with precision and care.

Contact info:

Scandinavian Outdoor - Raisio Kuninkoja
Kuninkojankaari 1, 20320 Turku Finland
telephone: +358 10 3970 560

Price list:

Cross country skis

Cross country I 45€
- stone sanding and treading the sole, one layer of base glide wax and one layer of weather specific wax

Cross country II 55€
- stone sanding and treading the sole, two layers of base glide wax and two layers of weather specific wax

Cross country III 65€
- stone sanding and treading the sole, two layers of base glide wax and weather specific wax with fluorine waxes

Tread patterns
- basic patterns (direct, diamond) 25€
- special patterns (fish bone etc.) 35€

Waxing services
- waxing package: cleaning the skis, adding kick wax or kick tape, adding glide: 30€
- glide waxing starting from 10€
- thermo waxing 35€
- race waxing: priced individually based on what is done to the skis
- kick waxing starting from 10€
- cleaning 10€
- kick tape removal 15€

Binding mounting starting from 10€

If your skis need more attention, further work costs 50€/h

Alpine skis/snowboards

Alpine I skis 35€ / snowboards 40€
- stone sanding, edge sharpening (with Trimjet Disc), treading the sole, diamond sharpening the edges and hand made glide waxing

Alpine II skis 45 €/ snowboards 50€
- stone sanding, filling holes or gaps in the ski sole, sharpening the edges with a Trimjet Disc machine, treading the soles, diamond grinding the edges, hand made glide waxing.

Alpine III skis 60 €/ snowboards 70€
- Alpine II plus using a patch to repair a destroyed part of the sole.

Straightening the sole with stone sanding, plus treading and grinding the edges: 40€

Weather specific glide waxing 15€ includes applying glide wax with a waxing iron

Thermo waxing 35€ includes applying glide wax and getting it absorbed in a thermo bag

Edge grinding 20€ with Trimjet Disc

Mounting bindings 55€

If your skis or snowboard require more attention, further work costs 50€/h

Welcome to our store in Kuninkoja - we'll fix your skis to the shape of their life!