Scandinavian Outdoor - outdoor expertise since 1970

Our story began in Turku, Finland in 1970 when a group of scouts founded our first shop selling scout badgets. Many things have changed in 50 years but our love for outdoors stays the same as ever:


Partiovaruste is founded in Turku (Finland) by scouts. First retail “store” is actually just a small office where scouts can buy scout badges and other scout stuff.


The range is expanded from scout badges to hiking goods such as sleeping bags and knives, but the business is still targeted for scouts only.


Partiovaruste moves to bigger location and opens its first retail store open for everyone. At this occasion the first sales person is also hired to new outdoor store.


As Partiovaruste outdoor store is growing, a new bigger store is opened again. The range is expanded from scout and outdoor goods to skiing. Turnover grows to 500 000 euros.


A new branch store called Cityvaruste opens in Turku.


Turnover grows to 1 million euros. Cityvaruste is discontinued.


A new Partiovaruste branch store is opened in Salo, Finland. Partiovaruste also starts cooperating with Hirvensalo alpine skiing center by opening a ski rental office in Hirvensalo.


The era of internet begins. Partiovaruste opens Finlands’ first outdoor gear online store (


A new store opening again, this time in Raisio, Finland. Turnover grows to 3 million euros.


Expansion to new markets by opening first international online store named The company employs 40 people.


Partiovaruste expands in Finland by acquiring a new scout outdoor store in Pori, Finland.


Partiovaruste expands in Finland to Helsinki metropolitan area by two new retail store acquisitions in Helsinki and Vantaa. Turnover grows to 10 million euros.


A new store opening in Tampere, Finland.


A new flagship store opening in Raisio, Finland. New store is now called Scandinavian Outdoor Store and not Partiovaruste anymore.


The whole company is renamed Scandinavian Outdoor Oy. Online store delivers to over 50 countries.


Two new stores are opened in Turku and Tampere in cooperation with Finnish department store Stockmann.


Scout foundation sells the whole company to a private owner. Ownership stays in Finland.


Scandinavian Outdoor celebrates its 50 years anniversary. The company has seven brick and mortar stores in Finland in addition to international online store, and employs over 100 people.