Our Promise

We at Scandinavian Outdoor promise to provide you and everyone who enjoys outdoor life
a responsible selection of outdoor clothing and equipment, tested and selected by our experts.

Our competent staff will help you choose the right outdoor clothing and equipment.

For us, Outdoor is wellness,
the feeling of being outdoors and doing something you love.

For us, Outdoor is life outdoors.
It’s the fresh air, exercise, and experiences.

It’s about returning to our roots,
under the boundless sky.

For us, Outdoor is about stepping outside.
Some go Nordic Walking on a path; others go climbing up an ice canyon.

For us, Outdoor is choosing a path.
It’s about travelling, going forwards, and experiencing new things.
The common thing is that they’re outdoors, and provide the pleasure found in exercising.

It’s about finding, and feeling yourself,
and maintaining your style at all times.

What will make you take your first step?


Our Story

50 years of life outdoors

For the past 50 years, we at the Scandinavian Outdoor have been doing our utmost so that everyone could enjoy life outdoors.  

Thanks to our Finnish roots, we are very familiar with the biodiversity of local nature, all of its beauty, and the challenges it poses. As passionate outdoor enthusiasts, we know the demands nature can place on trekkers and hikers. We also know that if our gear can handle the weather conditions in Finland, it can handle them anywhere.  

Sustainability is something that is talked a lot about nowadays, but it has been an integral part of our business for decades. We are very careful about selecting our products, as we only want to sell reliable equipment that will provide enjoyment for years to come.

When we started out as a Scout supply store back in 1970, we had no idea where we would be in 50 years. We have come a very long way, from a small Scout supply store to a large outdoor and hiking supplier, well-known both in Finland and abroad. We now have seven retail stores and an online shop outfitting outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. We can’t do anything about the weather, but we can still enjoy life outdoors! Our talented salespeople are the cornerstone of our success. They can help you select the best gear for any conditions using their outdoor expertise.

Our CEO Johanna Rantala is proud to lead a company that helps make outdoor dreams come true:

“It feels fantastic to be a CEO of a 50 year old company that has half a century of experience in hiking and camping. The level of our expertise and the breadth of our selection are astounding, and well optimized for modern day demands. It is also great to be able to support people in the pursuit of their dreams, be it a family outing or a long hike.  

In the changing world of retail, online sales are more important than ever. We have founded Finland’s first online store specializing in outdoor equipment already last century, and have steadfastly improved it ever since. Our top priority is improving the digital customer experience, so that we can better provide our expertise online.”

Life Outdoors: that’s where it started, and that core ideal hasn’t changed since. We want to encourage everyone to enjoy nature in their own way, be it a walk with the dog or a week long hike in the tundra. We will equip you for life outdoors, all you have to do is to enjoy it!

You can read more about our history here.

Life outdoors since 1970