Compact size and low weight are high on the list of characteristics for travel and backpacking binoculars. Another important factor is whether or not the binoculars are waterproof. For bird watchers the need for better image quality is clear, and they are prepared to carry a bit more weight to achieve this.
17 products
Junior 6x21
$ 28.92
Focus Junior 6x21
Mono II 8x25
$ 60.65
Focus Mono II 8x25
Fun II 10x25
$ 26.28
Focus Fun II 10x25
Aquafloat 7x50 Waterproof Compass
Outdoor price
$ 148.56
Focus Aquafloat 7x50 Waterproof Compass
Outdoor 8x42
$ 95.81
Focus Outdoor 8x42
Outdoor 8x32 Waterproof
$ 87.02
Focus Outdoor 8x32 Waterproof
Outdoor 10x32 Waterproof
$ 87.02
Focus Outdoor 10x32 Waterproof
Scenery 7x50 FF
$ 69.44
Focus Scenery 7x50 FF
Handy 7x50
Outdoor price
$ 56.17
Focus Handy 7x50
Explore 8x32
$ 122.19
Focus Explore 8x32
Outlook 20-60 x 80 + Velbon Videomate
$ 306.78
Focus Outlook 20-60 x 80 + Velbon Videomate
Observer 34 8x34
$ 104.61
Focus Observer 34 8x34
BDII-XD 10x32 WA
$ 403.48
Kowa BDII-XD 10x32 WA
$ 394.69
Kowa BDII-XD 8x32WA
SV II 8x32
$ 227.67
Kowa SV II 8x32
SV II 10x32
$ 236.46
Kowa SV II 10x32
Action III 8x25
$ 43.07
Focus Action III 8x25