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Life Jackets - Safety and Comfort on the Water. Welcome to Scandinavian Outdoor's life jacket selection, where you will find high-quality and reliable life jackets for all kinds of needs on the water. Whether it's sailing, fishing, kayaking, or any other water adventure, we have the right type of life jacket to ensure your safety. Automatic inflation life jackets are comfortable to wear, while traditional jackets are more suitable for occasional use at the cabin. Remember to maintain the automatic life jackets according to the manufacturer's schedule - they only provide protection when properly maintained. Always follow the manufacturer's weight limit, especially for children's jackets.
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Slimline Pro Auto 160N
$ 154.45
Ursuit Slimline Pro Auto 160N
Light and comfortable automatic life vest.
Inflatable Inshore
Outdoor price
$ 137.21
Helly Hansen Inflatable Inshore
Comfy inflatable life vest with deck harness.
Basicline Auto
$ 85.43
Ursuit Basicline Auto
Automatic inflating life vest for coast and ocean use.
Navigare Scan
Outdoor price
$ 51.69
Helly Hansen Navigare Scan
A traditional life jacket for all safety conscious boaters and sailors.
Auto DSH275N Paukkuliivi
$ 188.97
Ursuit Auto DSH275N Paukkuliivi
Automatic inflating life vest for coastal and open sea use.
Rider Paddle Vest
$ 68.95
$ 86.20
Helly Hansen Rider Paddle Vest
Vest for those who know how to swim. 50 Newton buoyancy.
Re-arm Gas Cylinder
$ 21.57
Helly Hansen Re-arm Gas Cylinder
A 33 gram gas cartridge for ISO 12402-3 standard inflatable life vests.
Re-arm Gas Cylinder
$ 17.26
Helly Hansen Re-arm Gas Cylinder
A 33 gram gas cartridge for inflatable vests.
Slimline Pro Manual
$ 154.45
Ursuit Slimline Pro Manual
Manual trigger life vest with 160 Newton buoyancy.
Rider Compact 50N
$ 50.91
Helly Hansen Rider Compact 50N
Very compact and light vest.
Outdoor price
$ 21.57
Helly Hansen Bowrider
Traditional vest with 50 Newton buoyancy.
JR Safe+ 20-35kg
Outdoor price
$ 56.00
Helly Hansen JR Safe+ 20-35kg
A life vest for children between 20 and 35 kilograms.
Kid Safe+ 10-25 kg
Outdoor price
$ 56.00
Helly Hansen Kid Safe+ 10-25 kg
A life vest for children between 10 and 25 kilograms.