Sun Glasses

A safe choice – all sun glasses in our range protect your eyes from both UV A and UV B rays. What does all this "Cat 2" stuff mean? Sun glass lenses have a rating system, where lenses are given a number representing their glare protection level. Category 1 lenses, for instance, are almost clear and are meant for dim and cloudy conditions. Read more...
Category 2 lenses have moderate glare protection but also work in overcast conditions. Category 3 lenses are a good choice for the height of summer, and Category 4 lenses are so dark they are not recommended for road traffic use, making them perfect for use around water and snow, where the sun shines both from the sky and as a reflection. Polarizing lenses are especially good for use around water, as they cut down much of the glare from the water surface and on the other hand enable you to see through the surface glare – a useful thing when fishing, for instance. Photochromatic lenses darken automatically depending on conditions: the brighter your surroundings, the darker the lenses get. These lenses have have their own ranges: one lens type can go from Cat 1 to Cat 3, another one from Cat 2 to Cat 4.
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Aerospeed Dark Blue / Orange
$ 152.42
Julbo Aerospeed Dark Blue / Orange
Aerolite White / Blue-grey
$ 152.42
Julbo Aerolite White / Blue-grey
Aerospeed Black Translucent / Grey
$ 152.42
Julbo Aerospeed Black Translucent / Grey
Aerolite Black / Pink
$ 152.42
Julbo Aerolite Black / Pink
Aerolite Nude Sp3cf
$ 92.30
Julbo Aerolite Nude Sp3cf
Rush Black/Red SP3cf Red
$ 101.61
Julbo Rush Black/Red SP3cf Red
Ultimate Blanc/Rose
$ 176.98
Julbo Ultimate Blanc/Rose
Explorer 2.0 Sp4 Black/Grey
$ 100.77
Julbo Explorer 2.0 Sp4 Black/Grey
Ultimate Noir/Rose Sp3
$ 101.61
Julbo Ultimate Noir/Rose Sp3
Fury Black SP3cf Red
$ 92.30
Julbo Fury Black SP3cf Red
Ultimate Noir SP3cf
$ 101.61
Julbo Ultimate Noir SP3cf
Cham Argent/Havana SP3cf
$ 126.17
Julbo Cham Argent/Havana SP3cf
Spark Transparent/Gris RV AA ML Rose
$ 168.50
Julbo Spark Transparent/Gris RV AA ML Rose
Rush Black RV 1-3
$ 176.98
Julbo Rush Black RV 1-3
Ultimate Blue/Black
$ 176.98
Julbo Ultimate Blue/Black
Spark Nude/Pink
$ 83.83
Julbo Spark Nude/Pink
Renegade Black Mat Polar 3 G15
$ 101.61
Julbo Renegade Black Mat Polar 3 G15
Shield M Moir 3cf
$ 117.71
Julbo Shield M Moir 3cf
Cham Black/Black
$ 126.17
Julbo Cham Black/Black
Aerospeed Noir/roug RV
$ 152.42
Julbo Aerospeed Noir/roug RV
Fury Black 0-3
$ 160.89
Julbo Fury Black 0-3
Camino Blue/black Spectron 3 Polarized
$ 92.30
Julbo Camino Blue/black Spectron 3 Polarized
Cham Silver/Black
$ 126.17
Julbo Cham Silver/Black
Ultimate Black/Red
$ 176.98
Julbo Ultimate Black/Red
Rush Black RV 0-3
$ 176.98
Julbo Rush Black RV 0-3
Camino Noir Tran/RV P2-4 DL DB
$ 126.17
Julbo Camino Noir Tran/RV P2-4 DL DB
Spark Brun Trans Plz3
$ 109.23
Julbo Spark Brun Trans Plz3
Vermont Brass Sp3cf Cold
$ 126.17
Julbo Vermont Brass Sp3cf Cold
Vermont Copper/Brown Dark
$ 126.17
Julbo Vermont Copper/Brown Dark
Vermont Black/Brown Light
$ 126.17
Julbo Vermont Black/Brown Light
Gloryfy G13 Transformer Grey
$ 143.87
Gloryfy Gloryfy G13 Transformer Grey
Cham Brass/Havana
$ 126.17
Julbo Cham Brass/Havana
Vermont Classic White / Blue
$ 126.17
Julbo Vermont Classic White / Blue
G9 Black Shiny
$ 134.64
Gloryfy G9 Black Shiny
G3 Black Matt
$ 110.00
Gloryfy G3 Black Matt
Gloryfy Gi25 Amalfi Sun Vintage Cognac
$ 126.93
Gloryfy Gloryfy Gi25 Amalfi Sun Vintage Cognac
G15 Rock Transformer
$ 143.10
Gloryfy G15 Rock Transformer
G15 Nano Transpol
$ 168.50
Gloryfy G15 Nano Transpol
G14 Contour Polarized
$ 143.87
Gloryfy G14 Contour Polarized
G9 Radical Helioz Fogless
$ 168.50
Gloryfy G9 Radical Helioz Fogless
Gloryfy Gi8 Panto Grey
$ 135.40
Gloryfy Gloryfy Gi8 Panto Grey
G9 Radical Helioz World Run
$ 176.98
Gloryfy G9 Radical Helioz World Run
G13 Brown Matt
$ 118.46
Gloryfy G13 Brown Matt
G15 Black Mat
$ 101.52
Gloryfy G15 Black Mat
G2 Pure Black Polarized
$ 117.71
Gloryfy G2 Pure Black Polarized
Explorer 2.0 Black RV P1-3HC
$ 176.98
Julbo Explorer 2.0 Black RV P1-3HC
G13 Black Matt
$ 80.44
Gloryfy G13 Black Matt
Shield M Reactiv 2-4 Polarized
$ 168.50
Julbo Shield M Reactiv 2-4 Polarized