Julbo Fury Shiny Translucent Light Blue/Light Blue

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Cycling glasses with photochromic lenses.

A category 1 to 3 photochromatic lens works in many conditions: at its brightest, the lens transmits 72% of light, and at its darkest, the glare protection is at a level suitable for sunny summer days. Julbo cycling glasses are designed to work very well with cycling helmet straps.

  • High Contrast lenses made of Trivex plastic have a light transmission of 13 - 72%, cat1 … cat3
  • The lenses only react to lighting, not to temperature like many cheaper ones
  • There is an anti-fog treatment inside the lens
  • Air Link frame help the glasses stay well away thanks to the elastomeric material
  • Grip Tech coating at the ends
  • Very wide field of view thanks to Panoramic View design
  • Ventilation holes between lens and frame

Julbo has been making sunglasses for more than 135 years. By buying Julbo, you are investing in a quality product and can rest assured the glasses offer perfect UV protection.

Product information

  • Cat 1
  • Cat 2
  • Cat 3
  • Photochromatic lens