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Nordic knife, or puukko, traditions, live strong. Traditional Nordic knives are sharpened in a fashion that makes wood carving effortless - the blades don’t wedge themselves in the wood, but rather carve feathers off the wood in a controlled fashion. The same puukko will work in fishing, hunting, woodwork, general bush craft and the ever-so-crucial opening of a pack of sausages. Thanks to this versatility other knife types have done little to reduce the popularity of puukko knives.

We represent several knife brands: Roselli, J. Marttiini, Iisakki Järvenpää, Eräpuu, J.P. Peltonen and Mora.

Blades are available in different kinds of stainless steels and carbon steels. Carbon steels are the more traditional choice and they are known for being easy to sharpen as use dulls them. The stainless chromium steels used in most J. Marttiini puukkos keep their sharpness impressively long, but tend to require a diamond whetstone when sharpening is needed. Carbon steels make for a more traditional look, as excellent carbon steel blades existed far before excellent stainless blades came available.

Traditional handle materials include different kinds of woods, birch bark used as stacked patches, and bone or antler. These materials have a soft, warm feel to them and if the handle is wax coated instead of varnished, they offer good grip even when wet. They always give the puukko a natural look. Modern handle materials are essentially either plastic or rubber, and rubber is the one with the best grip of them all.

A traditional puukko will be delivered with a leather sheath. Most sheaths contain a plastic liner for safety and extended use.