Victorinox Filleting Knife

A test-winning filleting tool for fishermen and cooks!

Victorinox filleting knife - Erä magazine 12/2004 test winner! Handle made of fibre reinforced fibrox nylon, won’t slip even when handled wet! Finger guard Blade length: 20 cm Erä Magazine: “The Victorinox 5.3703.20 is an excellent allrounder for flleting normal sized fish. From perch to small salmon, everything goes, and with ease. The handle has a great form and doesn’t slip out of your hands. An addition the Victorinox blade is superbly sharp right out of the box, and retains its sharpness well. We thank: non-slip handle sharpness and blade retainability the feel of the blade: both sturdy and flexable well rounded, well balanced product “ Handles made of synthetic materials always look the same, but wood handles each have a unique grain pattern - this means the knife you receive will not match the product image 100%. Please note that we do not accept grain patterns as a reason for a product exchange.

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