Victorinox - A living legend!

2010 saw the 125th anniversary of Victorinox. The Swiss manufacturer is best known for its excellence in making multifunctional folding knives. Nowadays Victorinox, still a family business, also makes top quality mulitools.

For the well being of nature

The surplus heat energy that is formed on the Victorinox production line, is stored and recycled. It is used to heat the factory itself as well as 120 apartments in the vicinity. All scrap metal formed in cutting the tools is taken back to the steel mill, even the powder that ends up in the tool’s cooling water. Victorinox product packaging is minimalistic and when a Victorinox tool arrives in for maintenance or repairs, all of its components can be switched for a new one: snapping a knife blade, for instance, just means the blade will be replaced.

53 products
Forester Wood
$ 56.09
Victorinox Forester Wood
Wood handle folding knife.
$ 69.89
Victorinox Handyman
Swiss army knife with 24 functions.
Rescue tool with belt holster
$ 100.10
Victorinox Rescue tool with belt holster
Sturdy multifunction folding knife. Made in cooperation with rescue professionals.
$ 35.37
Victorinox Fisherman
Fisherman's Swiss knife, including a fish scaler and a hook disgorger.
Swiss Card Lite
$ 38.83
Victorinox Swiss Card Lite
Credit card sized collection of nifty little tools.
Signature Lite
$ 37.11
Victorinox Signature Lite
A key end, a small knife, a LED light, a ball point pen... Highly practical!
$ 30.21
Victorinox Spartan
A solid favourite! An officer's knife in its purest form.
Pioneer Solo Alox
$ 23.29
Victorinox Pioneer Solo Alox
A stylish, classic Swiss Army knife with aluminium shell.
Swiss Champ
$ 90.61
Victorinox Swiss Champ
32 functions - this is what MacGyver would choose today.
$ 53.50
Victorinox Ranger
For all the rangers out there, this is your tool!
neula  A.3645
$ 0.43
Victorinox neula A.3645
Needle for Victorinox pocket tool
Tweezers, Large
$ 0.43
Victorinox Tweezers, Large
Spare tweezers for larger Victorinox knives.
miniruuvimeisseli korkkiruuviin
$ 4.31
Victorinox miniruuvimeisseli korkkiruuviin
Mini screwdriver for corkscrew.
$ 22.00
Victorinox Pikku-Jussi
A compact Swiss knife with traditional Finnish graphics.
$ 25.80
Victorinox Hiker
A traditional Swiss Army knife with 21 functions.
$ 33.65
Victorinox Climber
A Swiss Army knife with plenty to offer.
$ 33.65
Victorinox Camper
The legendary Swiss Army knife!
Tooth pick, 45 mm
$ 0.17
Victorinox Tooth pick, 45 mm
A genuine tooth pick for Victorinox Classic series knives.
Tooth pick 50 mm
$ 0.17
Victorinox Tooth pick 50 mm
A genuine Victorinox tooth pick for medium and large models.
Pen, Small
$ 2.59
Victorinox Pen, Small
Spare pen for 58 mm Victorinox models.
Tweezers, Small
$ 0.43
Victorinox Tweezers, Small
Spare tweezers/pincers for smaller Victorinox Swiss army knives.
Pen, Large
$ 2.59
Victorinox Pen, Large
Spare pen for large Victorinox models.
Evoke Alox Silver
$ 145.83
Victorinox Evoke Alox Silver
A stylish but strong folding knife.
Evowood 10
$ 48.32
Victorinox Evowood 10
A genuine Victorinox with wood handle.
$ 7.77
Victorinox Multiclip
A belt clip for your Swiss Army knife.
$ 13.80
Victorinox Nylonkotelo
Filleting Knife
$ 30.21
Victorinox Filleting Knife
A test-winning filleting tool for fishermen and cooks!
Pen, small, push-out
$ 2.59
Victorinox Pen, small, push-out
Chain 40 cm with biners
$ 9.41
Victorinox Chain 40 cm with biners
A nifty metal chain with biners.
Filleting Knife 15 cm
$ 22.44
Victorinox Filleting Knife 15 cm
A test-winning filleting tool for fishermen and cooks!
Palokärki Lahjarasiassa
$ 25.88
Victorinox Palokärki Lahjarasiassa
Compact knife with black woodpecker graphics.
Finlandia Wanderer Sapphire
$ 34.52
Victorinox Finlandia Wanderer Sapphire
A showy and practical Swiss army knife.
Evowood 81
$ 46.60
Victorinox Evowood 81
Compact knife with wood handle.
Official Swiss Soldier's Knife
$ 50.91
Victorinox Official Swiss Soldier's Knife
Updated and better than ever.
Dual-Knife Sharpener
$ 15.45
Victorinox Dual-Knife Sharpener
A roll sharpener and sharpening rod in one compact package.
Finlandia Birdie
$ 19.85
Victorinox Finlandia Birdie
Key ring knife with the Finnish emblem.
$ 30.21
Victorinox Filetti
A 20 cm quality filleting knife.
Fireant Fire Starter Kit
$ 30.21
Victorinox Fireant Fire Starter Kit
Fire starter you can pack in your cork screw, 3 pcs.
Classic SD Alox New
$ 35.37
Victorinox Classic SD Alox New
A showy, high quality knife with aluminum handles.
$ 16.39
Victorinox Waiter
A genuine Victorinox at an affordable price.
Farmer X Alox
$ 59.55
Victorinox Farmer X Alox
A very stylish Swiss army knife with aluminum handle plates.
Spartan Silver Tech
Summer Sale
$ 25.80
$ 33.65
Victorinox Spartan Silver Tech
12 functions.
Nail clipper
$ 14.67
Victorinox Nail clipper
A Swiss nail clipper.
Taittuva Eväsveitsi 11cm
$ 21.49
Victorinox Taittuva Eväsveitsi 11cm
A stylish choice! A folding version of the ever-popular compact paring knife.
Super Tinker
$ 32.80
Victorinox Super Tinker
Premium medium size Swiss pocket knife.
$ 65.58
Victorinox Vahva-Jussi
A larger knife with locking blade.
$ 45.73
Victorinox Explorer
16 tools - a genuine Swiss army knife.
Classic SD New
$ 25.03
Victorinox Classic SD New
A nifty Swiss knife, in a compact 58 mm format.
Swiss Tool Spirit MXBS
$ 188.97
Victorinox Swiss Tool Spirit MXBS
A high quality multitool with one-hand opening knife.
Swisstool Spirit Sveitsi
$ 132.03
Victorinox Swisstool Spirit Sveitsi
A black version of the Spirit, complete with cap pliers.
Spirit with giftbox
$ 143.24
Victorinox Spirit with giftbox
A stylish Swiss multitool delivered in a gift box.
Riekko By Teemu Järvi, lahjakotelossa
$ 60.32
Victorinox Riekko By Teemu Järvi, lahjakotelossa
A genuine Swiss army knife with Teemu Järvi graphics.
Finlandia Midnight Prime
$ 50.91
Victorinox Finlandia Midnight Prime
A Swiss army knife with led light and Finnish coat of arms.