Tent specialist Scandinavian Outdoor helps you choose a vacation home. Our representation includes e.g. Hilleberg tents and our staff have many good experiences with this top brand of tents. A mountain hiker should invest in the sturdiness of the tent, while a simpler and more affordable model is sufficient for relaxed family summer trips. Single-person tents these days can fit into a really small space, multi-person tents can be divided into groups of different travelers to even out the weight. The price affects the quality: making a tent that can withstand the wind of the fells is not as cheap as a version that can survive a casual summer trip. A waterproof tent does not require tarps or other arrangements Tunnel or dome? Both tent structures have their advantages. Tunnel tents are lighter than dome tents and often quicker to set up. Dome tents, on the other hand, are more insensitive to the direction of the wind and are easier to adjust in places where it is difficult to find places for tent pegs. Throughout its history, Hilleberg has been dedicated to making tents only. This can be seen in the end result: the details and materials are exceptionally functional and the quality control is also excellent. Hilleberg tents see action in the hands of both hikers and professional users. The manufacturer's Black label products are made for the most demanding use and the harshest weather conditions: a sure choice for polar expeditions or mountain use. Red label products are a notch lighter, but still strong and made for year-round use. Red label is a common choice for hikers and cyclists. Yellow label products are already very light and compact. These tents are made for use in three seasons. Each Hilleberg tent is tested before being sent to retailers! The arch tunnels of Hilleberg tents are in the outer tent and when you set up the outer tent, the inner tent is automatically adjusted correctly inside it. Hilleberg is always top of the tent test and for good reason. Fjällräven is a well-known tent brand for hikers. Fjällräven tents are divided into two main series: Abisko and Keb. Abisko tents are light and, depending on the model, made for use in three or four seasons. Keb tents, on the other hand, are made for the hardest use and demanding conditions. All Fjällräven tents are pitched before the outer tent and the inner tent goes up at the same time as the outer tent. The inner and outer tent can also be separated if desired. Marmot tents are known for their very good price-quality ratio. Marmot tents are typically erected before the inner tent, after which the outer tent is pitched on top of the inner tent. Marmot tents have scored test wins in mid-priced tent tests thanks to their balanced features. Our MSR tent collection has excellent lightweight options. As a manufacturer, MSR is quite mountain-minded, but its tents work excellently for all camping uses. MSR tents are typically erected ahead of the inner tent. Exped makes a variety of accommodations, from hammocks to family tents. Our selection includes Expedit hiking and excursion tents and the Scout Hammock. Robens is a fresh newcomer. Robens tents are made with care and the quality is really good for the price. Robens also tests all its tent models with a wind machine. Halti has been manufacturing tents for several decades. Depending on the model, Halti tents are suitable for occasional camping to professional use. The collection is wide both in terms of features and prices: inexpensive fiberglass arch models are suitable for more occasional summer use, while sturdier aluminum arch tents are suitable for proper hikes. Outwell camping tents are suitable for camping use. They are full of functional details, such as feed-throughs for electrical cables and inner tents that protect against light. The family tent is also often high enough so that you can stand up straight in the living area. We also have Savota camping tents, such as the Hawu model. Maintaining the tent is important. The most essential thing in tent maintenance is to ventilate and dry it thoroughly after every trip. If the tent is even a little damp in its packing bag for a long time, it gets moldy easily. During drying, it is also a good idea to clean the ground wedges and check the general condition of the tent: has any seam or fastener caught its wings? When the tent is definitely dry, pack it in its packing bag. Even though most tents are delivered rolled up in a bag, we recommend packing the tent by stuffing. This is not only easier, but also a more durable choice: if the tent is rolled dozens of times according to the same pattern, the corners may suffer in the long run. Many hiking tents come with a mysterious little aluminum tube. This is an arch correction sleeve. If a storm or an accident breaks the arc, the sleeve is threaded around the damaged area and secured in place with tape. In this way, the hike can be continued even if the tent is no longer standing completely in its model. Some tents also come with a whole arc piece for similar situations. Buy a tent from Scandinavian Outdoor, a domestic specialist store!
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Tent & Gear Solarproof
$ 16.46
Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof
Abisko Lite 2
$ 573.97
Fjällräven Abisko Lite 2
Weight 2300.
Tent & Gear Solar Wash 0.5
$ 13.85
Nikwax Tent & Gear Solar Wash 0.5
$ 173.32
Jack Wolfskin Gossamer
Weight 1750.
Gear fabric
$ 3.48
Scandinavian Outdoor Gear fabric
Travel Lodge RT
$ 739.45
$ 870.10
Jack Wolfskin Travel Lodge RT
Weight 20200.
Beluga 6in1
$ 391.06
Qaou Beluga 6in1
Weight 3400.
$ 21.69
Kaira Lämpöpeite
Finnmark 6-8
$ 870.10
$ 1,262.90
Helsport Finnmark 6-8
Weight 8800.
Abisko Dome 2
$ 765.58
Fjällräven Abisko Dome 2
Weight 3620.
Pegs 51 cm, 8 pcs
$ 86.23
Helsport Pegs 51 cm, 8 pcs
Stake (round)
$ 11.24
Halti Stake (round)
Star Tunnel II
$ 260.42
Jack Wolfskin Star Tunnel II
Weight 2280.
Tarp 5
$ 182.90
Hilleberg Tarp 5
Weight 320.
Stake (V-form)
$ 14.72
Halti Stake (V-form)
Sand and snow peg set
$ 87.10
Hilleberg Sand and snow peg set
Y Pegs UL (10 pcs)
$ 47.90
Hilleberg Y Pegs UL (10 pcs)
Abisko Dome 3
$ 826.55
Fjällräven Abisko Dome 3
Weight 3970.
$ 52.26
Hilleberg Y-Peg
Abisko Lite 3
$ 661.06
Fjällräven Abisko Lite 3
Weight 2220.
Hubba NX Solo
$ 479.03
MSR Hubba NX Solo
Weight 1290.
Y-peg XL (10 pcs)
$ 104.52
Hilleberg Y-peg XL (10 pcs)
Great Divide RT
$ 608.81
$ 783.00
Jack Wolfskin Great Divide RT
Weight 15600.
$ 143.71
Hilleberg X-Pegs
Pole 387x9 mm
$ 74.03
Hilleberg Pole 387x9 mm
Hawu 4 Tent
$ 1,217.61
Savotta Hawu 4 Tent
Weight 8000.
Stinger titanium pegs
$ 82.74
Hilleberg Stinger titanium pegs
Frontline Hammock
$ 77.52
DD Hammocks Frontline Hammock
Weight 1170.
GS40 x 12 Maakiilasarja
$ 94.94
Savotta GS40 x 12 Maakiilasarja
GS30 x 6 Maakiilasarja
$ 39.19
Savotta GS30 x 6 Maakiilasarja
Earth 3
$ 173.32
Outwell Earth 3
Weight 5500.
Abisko Shape 3
$ 730.74
Fjällräven Abisko Shape 3
Weight 2560.
Tent stuff sack 58 x 17 cm
$ 24.30
Hilleberg Tent stuff sack 58 x 17 cm
Paracord 25m
$ 11.24
DD Hammocks Paracord 25m
Shock Cord 3mm 15m
$ 39.19
Hilleberg Shock Cord 3mm 15m
Elastic Cord 10m
$ 9.49
DD Hammocks Elastic Cord 10m
Helm Compact 3
$ 370.16
Wild Country Helm Compact 3
Weight 2950.
Eclipse II
$ 199.45
$ 260.42
Jack Wolfskin Eclipse II
Weight 4200.
Cord 10m
$ 9.49
DD Hammocks Cord 10m
Reflective Guy Line 3mm/25m
$ 52.26
Hilleberg Reflective Guy Line 3mm/25m
Hammock Mosquito Net
$ 42.68
Bushmen Hammock Mosquito Net
Weight 300.
Eclipse III
$ 234.29
$ 303.97
Jack Wolfskin Eclipse III
Weight 5200.
Boulder 2
$ 199.45
Robens Boulder 2
Weight 2400.
Reflective Accessory Cord 3mm/5m
$ 15.63
Sea To Summit Reflective Accessory Cord 3mm/5m
Boulder 3
$ 251.71
Robens Boulder 3
Weight 2900.
Reflective Accessory Cord 1,8mm/10m
$ 14.76
Sea To Summit Reflective Accessory Cord 1,8mm/10m
$ 77.52
DD Hammocks Underblanket
Weight 950.
Guardian SL
$ 59.23
Eagles Nest Outfitters Guardian SL
Weight 397.
Reflective Rope 15m Pack
$ 17.33
Nite Ize Reflective Rope 15m Pack
Tindheim 3
$ 495.58
MSR Tindheim 3
Weight 3730.
CamJam XT Alu Rope Tensioner
$ 14.72
Nite Ize CamJam XT Alu Rope Tensioner
$ 1,284.68
Hilleberg Staika
Weight 3800.
CamJam 4 Pack Plastic
$ 14.72
Nite Ize CamJam 4 Pack Plastic
Limelight 2P
$ 400.65
Marmot Limelight 2P
Weight 2720.
Outdoor price
$ 51.39
Eagles Nest Outfitters Sub6
Weight 164.
Carabiners, 8-pack, aluminium
$ 10.36
Ticket To The Moon Carabiners, 8-pack, aluminium
Figure 9 and reflective guylines
$ 15.59
Nite Ize Figure 9 and reflective guylines
Line Runners 3 mm
$ 21.77
Hilleberg Line Runners 3 mm
Tarp S
$ 56.61
DD Hammocks Tarp S
Weight 450.
$ 225.58
Halti Oulanka
Weight 4000.
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