Snow shoeing

Snow shoes are made in two main types: Composite body versions are light, compact and easy to use while metal frames and decking material enable huge buoyancy. All snow shoes sold at Scandinavian Outdoor have easy to operate bindings suitable for most types of winter footwear.
11 products
Wilderness 36
$ 204.87
Tubbs Wilderness 36
Winter Trail 10x36
$ 214.23
GV Winter Trail 10x36
Winter Trail 9x29
$ 214.23
GV Winter Trail 9x29
Highlander Access
$ 219.84
TSL Highlander Access
Winter Basket
$ 12.06
Komperdell Winter Basket
227 Escape
$ 219.84
TSL 227 Escape
Vario Winter Basket
$ 10.20
Komperdell Vario Winter Basket
Winter Basket XL
$ 13.00
Komperdell Winter Basket XL
Vario Winter Basket XL
$ 11.14
Komperdell Vario Winter Basket XL
Vario Deep Powder Basket/pr
$ 13.94
Komperdell Vario Deep Powder Basket/pr
EVA Snow Shoes
$ 210.48
Crescent Moon EVA Snow Shoes