Winter hiking and backpacking

Pulkas, Nordic skates and snow shoes bring a new perspective to winter outdoor life. Snow shoes come in two main types: models with plastic/composite bodies are light and easy to use, while larger models with a metal tube frame offer the biggest buoyancy. Just choose the model that suits your use: for deep snow, larger is simply better but for trail use composite snow shoes are a good choice. A pulka is like a trailer behind you: you won't have to carry the weight, you just have to get it moving. There's no shortage of space in a pulka and you don't have to be as diligent with saving weight, either.
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$ 112.35
Isvidda Trekking
Trekking skates for use with normal boots.
Bundle: T-Skate Pro skates and Performance Skate Move Ready bindings
Outdoor price
$ 147.19
Lundhags Bundle: T-Skate Pro skates and Performance Skate Move Ready bindings
Nimble skates, best on maintained ice and smooth natural ice. NNN bindings included.
Sports NIS + Performance Skate Move Ready
$ 155.90
Zandstra Sports NIS + Performance Skate Move Ready
Nordic skates with NNN bindings.
Flex + Prolink Acces Skate Bindings
Outdoor price
$ 121.07
Isvidda Flex + Prolink Acces Skate Bindings
Popular Nordic skates with Salomon Prolink / Rottefella NNN compatible bindings.
Bundle: T-Skate skates and NNN BC Manual bindings
Outdoor price
Rottefella NNN BC
$ 155.90
Lundhags Bundle: T-Skate skates and NNN BC Manual bindings
Versatile Nordic skates and solid BC standard bindings.
$ 103.65
Isvidda Flex
Reliable skates for skate bindings.
T-Skate Pro
$ 173.32
Lundhags T-Skate Pro
More nimble touring skates with a 25 meter turn radius.
$ 148.07
Lundhags T-Skate
All-round skates.
Nyflex Expedition Spin 8x28
$ 173.32
GV Nyflex Expedition Spin 8x28
Canadian-made snowshoes for adults.
Nyflex Expedition 8 x 28
$ 129.77
GV Nyflex Expedition 8 x 28
Comfortable snowshoes for long days in the great outdoors.
Sports NIS
$ 164.61
Zandstra Sports NIS
Nordic skates with a NIS binding plate.
Competition Bi-metal
$ 208.16
Zandstra Competition Bi-metal
Nimble, sporty skates.
$ 17.33
Isvidda Naskalit
Ice spikes for safety on ice.
Semnoz XL Ice Skate
$ 94.93
TSL Semnoz XL Ice Skate
130 - 155 cm telescopic poles for tour skating, skiing and snowshoeing.
Nordic skating poles
$ 117.58
Zandstra Nordic skating poles
Proper Nordic skating poles with massive tips - great for probing the ice.
MPS Multi Purpose Suit
$ 582.68
Ursuit MPS Multi Purpose Suit
Lightweight dry suit to be worn under an outer garment
Border Pulk
$ 748.16
Savotta Border Pulk
Rajavartiolaitoksen kanssa suunniteltu ahkio.
Children's pulk
$ 722.03
Fjellpulken Children's pulk
A solid, reliable pulk for child transport.
Secura Safety System Ice Rescue Harness
$ 30.40
Lundhags Secura Safety System Ice Rescue Harness
Safety strap system for Speik Nordic skating backpacks.
NIS bolt kit
$ 9.49
Zandstra NIS bolt kit
Screw set for Zandstra skates.
Ving Upp Jigi
$ 94.93
Zandstra Ving Upp Jigi
Sharpening jig for Nordic skates.
Panoramic 30"
$ 225.58
Tubbs Panoramic 30"
Traditional snowshoes with metal frame. Smaller men's size.
Highlander Original Boa
$ 234.30
TSL Highlander Original Boa
Top notch snowshoes for demanding users.
Symbioz Access
Outdoor price
$ 173.32
TSL Symbioz Access
Flexible snowshoes for hiking.
Nordic Ranger
$ 60.10
Start Nordic Ranger
Deep snow poles for hunters, rangers, ski tourers...
Foss Reunakivi 7201
$ 11.23
Zandstra Foss Reunakivi 7201
Compact sharpening stone for use on the go, for removing burr from Nordic skates or knives.
Toe Warmer -jalanlämmittimet
$ 1.39
$ 1.74
Therm-Ic Toe Warmer -jalanlämmittimet
One pair of single-use chemical heaters for use inside boots.
Hand Warmer
$ 2.18
Grabber Hand Warmer
Chemical heat bags for your gloves.
Toe warmer
$ 2.18
Grabber Toe warmer
Popular toe warmer that chemically reacts with air.
AQP-358 Large
$ 30.40
Aquapac AQP-358 Large
100% waterproof pouch.
Suojapussi XL
$ 33.97
Aquapac Suojapussi XL
A waterproof 22 x 13 cm bag for a phone and other equipment.
345 Initial Boa
$ 182.03
TSL 345 Initial Boa
Composite body snowshoes with easy to use bindings.
Guide Lite 2 Carbon
Outdoor price
$ 124.72
Leki Guide Lite 2 Carbon
Adjustable between 105 - 150 cm.
Straps for Beam Attachment, Pair
$ 16.55
Fjellpulken Straps for Beam Attachment, Pair
A pair of durable straps with a metal lock.
Evo5 V2 Holster
$ 21.77
Arva Evo5 V2 Holster
A nifty holster for the Arva Evo5 V2.
Transporter 155 cm Standard
$ 391.07
Fjellpulken Transporter 155 cm Standard
A light pulk for fishing, hauling wood and shorter hikes.
Norröra Rescue Line
$ 34.75
Lundhags Norröra Rescue Line
A 24 meter rescue line for people moving on ice.
Airbag Reactor Tour 25 UL
$ 540.00
Arva Airbag Reactor Tour 25 UL
Avalanche pack, volume 25 liters.
Airbag Reactor 32
$ 540.00
Arva Airbag Reactor 32
Avalanche pack, volume 32 liters.
Reactor Carbon Cartridge
$ 121.93
Arva Reactor Carbon Cartridge
Carbon cartridge for Arva Reactor packs.
Ascent 22 Avabag Kit
$ 591.39
Ortovox Ascent 22 Avabag Kit
The perfect avalanche pack for long tours.
XCountry 130 cm
$ 695.90
Fjellpulken XCountry 130 cm
A top quality pulk for tough arctic conditions.
Panoramic 30" W
$ 225.58
Tubbs Panoramic 30" W
Traditional snowshoes with metal frame. Women's size.
EVA Snow Shoes
$ 129.77
Crescent Moon EVA Snow Shoes
A ground-breaking new snow shoe.
Vario Winter Basket XL
$ 10.37
Komperdell Vario Winter Basket XL
Large baskets for deep snow use. Vario mount.
Rescue Line PRO Rescue Rope
$ 39.11
Lundhags Rescue Line PRO Rescue Rope
A floating rescue line for Nordic skaters and others who spend time on ice.
Foss Duo Timantti 400/1200
$ 77.51
Zandstra Foss Duo Timantti 400/1200
Two diamond sharpeners primarily for Nordic skates - why not knives as well.
Probe Spark 240
$ 43.55
Arva Probe Spark 240
Reliable aluminium probe from a quality manufacturer.
Trail Trek Poles
$ 94.93
Black Diamond Trail Trek Poles
Telescopic poles with both summer and snow baskets.