Winter hiking and backpacking

Pulkas, Nordic skates and snow shoes bring a new perspective to winter outdoor life. Snow shoes come in two main types: models with plastic/composite bodies are light and easy to use, while larger models with a metal tube frame offer the biggest buoyancy. Just choose the model that suits your use: for deep snow, larger is simply better but for trail use composite snow shoes are a good choice.

A pulka is like a trailer behind you: you won’t have to carry the weight, you just have to get it moving. There’s no shortage of space in a pulka and you don’t have to be as diligent with saving weight, either.

58 products
Hand Warmer
$ 2.18
Grabber Hand Warmer
Chemical heat bags for your gloves.
Elevation Pro 18/19
$ 60.97
Komperdell Elevation Pro 18/19
Sturdy two-part telescopic poles.
Wilderness 36
$ 190.74
Tubbs Wilderness 36
Stout snowshoes for 99 - 135 kg load.
$ 14.72
Isvidda Naskalit
Wilderness Women's 30
$ 243.00
Tubbs Wilderness Women's 30
Women's high grade snowshoes for 76 - 113 kg load.
$ 138.49
$ 216.87
Atlas 830
A competent snow shoe, suits large users.
Toe warmer
$ 2.18
Grabber Toe warmer
Popular toe warmer that chemically reacts with air.
Winter Trail 10x36
$ 173.32
$ 199.45
GV Winter Trail 10x36
Snow shoes with great buoyancy.
Tango 45
$ 103.65
Zandstra Tango 45
T-profile blade with aluminum frame.
MPS Multi Purpose Suit
$ 564.39
Ursuit MPS Multi Purpose Suit
Lightweight dry suit to be worn under an outer garment
Sports NIS
$ 121.07
Zandstra Sports NIS
Nordic skates with a NIS binding plate.
$ 216.87
Ortovox 3+
Easy, fast and smart avalanche rescue.
Ascent 30 Avabag
$ 608.81
Ortovox Ascent 30 Avabag
The perfect avalanche pack for long tours.
$ 103.65
OAC Glider
Light composite frame trekking skates.
227 Camo XL
$ 164.61
TSL 227 Camo XL
Reliable snow shoes with room for massive winter boots. 29 x 8.9".
Prophet NIS
$ 129.77
OAC Prophet NIS
Modern Nordic skis with NNN NIS plates for simple binding installing.
217 Camo M
$ 164.61
TSL 217 Camo M
A quality choice. Snow shoes in size 25,5 x 8,5".
Paljakka Pulka
Made in Finland
$ 478.16
Savotta Paljakka Pulka
A traditional, highly functional pulk for winter outings.
Rescue line 23 m
$ 26.04
Zandstra Rescue line 23 m
23 meter rope for ice and water safety.
Winter Basket
$ 11.23
Komperdell Winter Basket
8.5 cm baskets.
$ 182.90
Lundhags Exa NNN BC
Nordic skates with NNN BC bindings.
Sharpening Jig & File
$ 94.93
OAC Sharpening Jig & File
A sharpening set for Nordic skates.
Mountain Trail Alligator 9x29
$ 260.42
GV Mountain Trail Alligator 9x29
Quality snow shoes that will take you from your first hikes as far as you want to go.
Active Winter 9x29
$ 173.32
$ 199.45
GV Active Winter 9x29
Dependable snow shoes for women.
Active Winter 8x27
$ 173.32
$ 199.45
GV Active Winter 8x27
Dependable snow shoes for women.
Winter Trail 9x29
$ 199.45
GV Winter Trail 9x29
Snowshoes for recreational use.
Prolink Carbon Skate
Rottefella NNN
Salomon Prolink
$ 68.81
Salomon Prolink Carbon Skate
Top notch skating binginds for Prolink compatible boots.
Snow Trail 9 x 30
$ 216.87
$ 286.55
GV Snow Trail 9 x 30
A multitalent, high quality snow shoe for max 82 kg carry..
Winter Basket XL
$ 12.11
Komperdell Winter Basket XL
Large baskets for deep snow use.
Bolt Set
$ 6.00
Zandstra Bolt Set
Screw set for Zandstra Delta skates.
Quickdraw Carbon Probe 280
$ 52.26
Black Diamond Quickdraw Carbon Probe 280
Aluminum probe, length 280 cm.
Vario Winter Basket
$ 9.49
Komperdell Vario Winter Basket
8.5 cm baskets.
Alu 240 FPA
$ 47.85
Ortovox Alu 240 FPA
A functional basic probe.
Prolink Pro SK
Salomon Prolink
Rottefella NNN
$ 43.55
Salomon Prolink Pro SK
Skating binginds for Prolink compatible boots.
EVA Snow Shoes
$ 195.97
Crescent Moon EVA Snow Shoes
A ground-breaking new snow shoe.
Rescue line 25 m
$ 27.79
Zandstra Rescue line 25 m
25 meter rope for ice and water safety.
X-Trace EVA
$ 121.07
Nordic skating bindings for use with hiking boots.
Wilderness 30 Men's
$ 199.45
Tubbs Wilderness 30 Men's
Men's snowshoes for 77-114 kg load.
Tango 48
$ 103.65
Zandstra Tango 48
T-profile blade with aluminum frame.
Wilderness 25 Women's
$ 199.45
Tubbs Wilderness 25 Women's
Women's snowshoes for 54-91 kg load.
Symbioz Hiker 2
$ 260.42
TSL Symbioz Hiker 2
Highly flexible snow shoes with excellent grip.
Pilot Equipe Skate
SNS Pilot
$ 43.55
Salomon Pilot Equipe Skate
Cross country skating binding for Pilot system.
Nordic Ranger
$ 52.17
$ 60.10
Start Nordic Ranger
Deep snow poles for hunters, rangers, ski tourers...
Avalanche Rescue Kit Zoom
$ 225.58
Ortovox Avalanche Rescue Kit Zoom
An affordable safety package for risky snow sports.
Avalanche Rescue Kit 3+
$ 260.42
Ortovox Avalanche Rescue Kit 3+
Essential snow safety gear pack for enthusiasts and pros.
$ 86.23
Isvidda Trekking
Trekking skates for use with normal boots.
$ 68.81
Isvidda Flex
Reliable skates for skate bindings.
Secura Safety System
$ 25.26
Lundhags Secura Safety System
A strap system for ice rescue situations.
Wand C30
$ 68.81
OAC Wand C30
Durable poles for fell skiing, skating and snowshoeing.
Ascent 22 Avabag Kit
$ 591.39
Ortovox Ascent 22 Avabag Kit
The perfect avalanche pack for long tours.
Mountain Trail 29
$ 303.97
GV Mountain Trail 29
A top quality choice for beginners. Narrow and light.
Prolink Carbon SK2
Rottefella NNN
Salomon Prolink
$ 60.97
Salomon Prolink Carbon SK2
Top notch skating binginds for Prolink compatible boots.
Shovel Pro Alu III
$ 69.64
Ortovox Shovel Pro Alu III
A proper handle and great function: a combo of safety and comfort.
Vario Winter Basket XL
$ 10.37
Komperdell Vario Winter Basket XL
Large baskets for deep snow use. Vario mount.
L2 Long Skin Grip
$ 34.75
Rossignol L2 Long Skin Grip
Replacement mohair skin, for. R-Skin Sport and R-Skin Ultra skis.
Avabag Cartridge Carbon
$ 121.89
Ortovox Avabag Cartridge Carbon
Cartridge for Ortovox Avabag avalanche bags.
Carbon Racer Evo 2
$ 225.58
OAC Carbon Racer Evo 2
Very light carbon fiber frame Nordic skates.
Mountaineer 25 Women's
$ 286.55
Tubbs Mountaineer 25 Women's
Naisten lumikengät, kantavuus 54-91 kg.