Back country touring poles

Equipped with large baskets, back country poles will work in deep snow. Some models are equipped with telescopic shafts for both easy transport and the possibility for adjustment: when the snow is fluffy, you'll want to add a bit of length to compensate.
7 products
Helicon Lite
$ 84.59
Leki Helicon Lite
Nordic Ranger 21/22
$ 58.43
Start Nordic Ranger 21/22
Sompa Nordic Ranger
$ 25.32
Start Sompa Nordic Ranger
Duos Freebird 22/23 Poles
$ 109.23
Black Crows Duos Freebird 22/23 Poles
Semnoz XL Ice Skate
$ 92.30
TSL Semnoz XL Ice Skate
Trail Trek Poles
Christmas Selection
$ 75.36
$ 93.15
Black Diamond Trail Trek Poles
Winter Basket
$ 10.92
Komperdell Winter Basket