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A year-round multifuel stove, a clean and simple gas stove or the traditional alcohol burning Trangia? You’ll find them all at Scandinavian Outdoor, just pick the one that suits you. The Trangia is a full package, containing a sturdy base, a highly protective wind screen, two pots and a frying pan. Gas stoves make for clean and fast operation and the smallest units fit in your fist. For year-round use liquid stoves using gasoline or kerosene are the best bet - they are pressurized by pumping, meaning you always get enough pressure. They are the choice for arctic (and antarctic, for that matter) expeditions, where thawing ice or snow is essential.

Wood stoves are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer traditional open fire experiences in a smaller scale with a smaller need for firewood. For long range hikers they are fantastic because you don’t have to carry your fuel along with you.

The smallest gas stoves are attached straight on top of the gas cartridge - compact, lightweight and straight-forward. If you want your stove to be as stable as possible, it’s wise to choose a model with a hose for keeping the cartridge on the side.