Fenix has during recent years risen up to be one of the best light manufacturers when it comes to handheld LED lighting. Regardless of whether you're looking for a key holder size light or a serious tool for search and rescue tasks. One of the most important benefits of Fenix lights is their digital voltage regulation system. Early day LED lights gave a power peak with fresh batteries, only to wither down to a dim light that lasted seemingly forever. With regulation you'll know your light will perform at a certain level until the battery has been fully used.
35 products
$ 39.48
$ 56.77
Fenix RC05
Compact and rechargeable, with 300 lumen max output.
$ 105.57
Fenix CL30R
A led lantern and power bank in one! 650 lumen.
$ 39.92
Fenix CL09
The world's smallest LED lantern? Rechargeable and compact.
$ 43.47
$ 52.34
Fenix HL26R
Rechargeable headlamp with separate spot and wide angle LEDs.
$ 43.47
$ 62.01
Fenix RC09
Compact and rechargeable, with 550 lumen max output.
Outdoor price
$ 34.60
Fenix CL20R
The smartest camp led light we've seen!
$ 52.78
Fenix BC25R
A sensibly priced bike light for commuting and road rides. Rechargeable.
$ 21.74
Fenix BC05R
Rechargeable rear light for bicycles.
$ 17.66
Fenix UC01
Rechargeable mini light. Max. output 45 lumen.
$ 61.66
Fenix CL25R
Rechargeable led lantern.
$ 13.31
$ 26.52
Fenix AER-03
Remote switch for the Fenix TK16 and TK32 2016.
HM65R Superraptor+
$ 96.69
Fenix HM65R Superraptor+
1400 lumen in a rechargeable package.
Fenix CL26R
$ 62.05
Fenix Fenix CL26R
Versatile led lantern. Powerful, rechargeable and adjustable.
$ 57.22
Fenix HM50R
Ladattava, todella kompakti otsalamppu. Maksimiteho huimat 500 lumenia.
$ 96.69
Fenix PD36R
High beam power in a compact torch. Incredible performance.
ARB-L 18 2900 mAh Low Temperature
$ 25.73
Fenix ARB-L 18 2900 mAh Low Temperature
A special model for cold conditions up to -40°C. A 18650 model battery.
$ 96.69
Fenix TK25 UV
Tactical light with UV and regular light emitting diodes.
Lantern adapter for LD and PD
$ 0.89
$ 7.99
Fenix Lantern adapter for LD and PD
Fenix lantern adapter for LD and PD lights.
Beltclip 360 AB02
Outdoor price
$ 0.89
Fenix Beltclip 360 AB02
A belt clip with easy adjustability.
$ 11.44
$ 15.88
Fenix ARE-X1
Charge your 18650 battery or charge an appliance from your battery!
ARB-L 16 700U
$ 13.31
Fenix ARB-L 16 700U
Li-ion battery in 16340 size with USB port for charging.
Bikemount AF02
$ 14.10
Fenix Bikemount AF02
A sturdy bikemount for lights.
USB chargeable ABR-L18-2600U 18650 battery
$ 11.44
$ 17.66
Fenix USB chargeable ABR-L18-2600U 18650 battery
A 18650 series battery you can charge directly with a micro-USB cable.
ALG-03 Helmet Mount
$ 17.30
Fenix ALG-03 Helmet Mount
A helmet mount for Fenix HM65R Superraptor, HL55, HL60R Raptor, and HL60R Desert Camo lights.
$ 57.22
Fenix HL18R
Runners and backpackers, this is your new headlamp. Max. 400 lumen.
E18 XP-L Hi
$ 66.09
Fenix E18 XP-L Hi
A 60 mm long EDC light, max. output 750 lumen.
ARB-L 18 3500 mAh USB
$ 25.73
Fenix ARB-L 18 3500 mAh USB
USB chargeable Li-ion battery in 18650 size.
UC35 v 2.0
$ 88.26
Fenix UC35 v 2.0
A compact rechargeable torch with 1000 lumen max. output.
$ 62.01
Fenix UC30 XM-L USB
Compact rechargeable light with 1000 lumen max. power.
HM61R Black
$ 87.82
Fenix HM61R Black
A highly versatile head lamp.
Diffuser LD PD HP
$ 4.88
Fenix Diffuser LD PD HP
Diffuser lens.
$ 96.69
Fenix TK20R
Rechargeable torch, max. 1000 lumen.
$ 13.31
$ 26.52
Fenix AER-02
Remote switch for compatible Fenix lights.
$ 123.31
Fenix BC35R
Rechargeable bicycle light with 1800 lumen lighting power.
E30R Ultimate Edition
$ 78.95
Fenix E30R Ultimate Edition
A 99 mm long EDC torch with 1600 lumen max output.