NOTICE: The actual fee is always billed in euros. Displayed prices in currencies other than euros are estimates based on the European Central Bank's current exchange rates.

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Where do we ship?

For an up to date list of countries, please check the shopping cart by adding a product and then, on the address page clicking on the menu for the country. All currently applicable countries are listed.

Please note we cannot deliver products longer than 105 cm outside the European Union. Inside the European union products as long as 2.5 m are ok.

Please note we cannot deliver products that contain batteries of any sort to countries outside the European Union.

Terms of Delivery

Delivery Times

For products we have in stock, delivery time is usually between 5 to 14 days after shipping. Orders normally have a dispatch time of 2-5 working days. Other delivery times estimations, such as 5-10 or 10-14 days, indicate the product is not in stock and will have a longer delivery time.

VAT, taxes and duties

When ordering inside the EU, your price is shown directly on each product page. When ordering to a country outside the EU, you will see your final prices after choosing your country as you fill in your delivery address. For deliveries outside the EU, Finnish VAT will be subtracted from the prices. For most products this is 24%. Exceptions: for food products 14% and for books 10%.

On international orders, the recipient is responsible for payment of applicable duties, taxes and other fees. Please contact your local Customs office for information on duties and taxes.

Delivery Methods

We ship using GLS's and Posti's delivery methods. Posti's partner couriers and/or carriers may vary in different countries.

Delivery Costs

We offer fixed rates on delivery costs:

GLS prices are not dependent on physical size of delivery. Free shipping for orders over 150 € inside EU. Delivery costs for GLS delivery are 7,90 € for the following countries:

  • - Austria
    - Belgium
    - Bulgaria
    - Croatia
    - Czech Republic
    - Denmark
    - Estonia
    - France
    - Germany
  • - Greece
    - Hungary
    - Ireland
    - Italy
    - Latvia
    - Lithuania
    - Luxemburg
    - Netherlands
    - Norway
  • - Poland
    - Portugal
    - Romania
    - Slovakia
    - Slovenia
    - Spain
    - Sweden
    - Switzerland
    - UK

GLS deliveries are made between 8 A.M. and 4 P.M. If you are not at home between these hours on week days, please enter your home address as the billing address and your work address as the delivery address.

In countries with non-GLS deliveries

- Any other 25 €

Deliveries to Åland

Please select Åland as country while filling in your contact information and the cart will be updated to be VAT-free. Otherwise the customer will initially pay for the entire order price. Upon shipping the order the Finnish value added tax (VAT in Finland is 24%) will be refunded to the customer's credit account.

Returns and exchanges

Please see: Returns and exchanges