Our Promise

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We at Scandinavian Outdoor promise to provide you and everyone who enjoys outdoor life
a responsible selection of outdoor clothing and equipment, tested and selected by our experts.

Our competent staff will help you choose the right outdoor clothing and equipment.

For us, Outdoor is wellness,
the feeling of being outdoors and doing something you love.

For us, Outdoor is life outdoors.
It’s the fresh air, exercise, and experiences.

It’s about returning to our roots,
under the boundless sky.

For us, Outdoor is about stepping outside.
Some go Nordic Walking on a path; others go climbing up an ice canyon.

For us, Outdoor is choosing a path.
It’s about travelling, going forwards, and experiencing new things.
The common thing is that they’re outdoors, and provide the pleasure found in exercising.

It’s about finding, and feeling yourself,
and maintaining your style at all times.

What will make you take your first step?

Life outdoors since 1970