Winter jackets and parkas

A winter jacket with proper insulation will keep you safe from frost and wind. You’ll find both down and synthetic insulation in our range. Down is very light in relation to its warmth and it is very packable. Parkas are sturdy and they are popular both in city use and back country action, such as dog sledding.

The hood is irreplaceable: it gives a big boost to the warmth of the jacket and helps close the weather out. When equipped with a faux fur or genuine fur trim, the hood also creates a protective barrier around your face for extra warmth.

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Positron Pro Jacket
$ 312.68
$ 347.51
Rab Positron Pro Jacket
Men's down jacket with water repelling main fabric.
Greenland Winter Parka women
$ 260.42
$ 338.81
Fjällräven Greenland Winter Parka women
Windproof parka for women, complete with teddy-pile lining. Spacious fit.
W Adore Puffy Parka
$ 121.93
Helly Hansen W Adore Puffy Parka
A warm synthetic parka.
365 Getaway Jacket
$ 117.15
Jack Wolfskin 365 Getaway Jacket
Men's down jacket.
Coastal 2 Parka
$ 113.23
Helly Hansen Coastal 2 Parka
Men's winter parka with Scandinavian style!
Barents Parka
$ 130.65
Helly Hansen Barents Parka
A warm men's winter parka in genuine Helly Hansen style.
The Cook Parka
$ 198.06
$ 286.55
Jack Wolfskin The Cook Parka
Extra warm, windproof down parka with detachable storm hood.
W Stellar Puffy Jacket
$ 87.10
Helly Hansen W Stellar Puffy Jacket
A warm winter jacket for women, with synthetic insulation.
Helium Down Jacket Men
$ 147.19
Jack Wolfskin Helium Down Jacket Men
A lightweight down jacket for men for versatile use.
Argon Hooded Jacket
$ 157.91
$ 173.32
Peak Performance Argon Hooded Jacket
Warm, water- and wind-repellent winter jacket for men!
X.11 Navigate Parka
$ 609.68
$ 739.45
Peak Performance X.11 Navigate Parka
A top-tier down parka for Nordic winter conditions. Men's sizes.
Yupik Parka
Outdoor price
$ 338.81
Fjällräven Yupik Parka
A stylish parka for men, designed to keep you safe from winter elements!
Arctic Patrol Parka
$ 518.23
$ 608.81
Helly Hansen Arctic Patrol Parka
A magnificent down parka for men.
Nuuk Parka
Outdoor price
$ 338.81
Fjällräven Nuuk Parka
Women's parka with both warmth and style!
Puffer Jacket Aerons Hood Men
$ 173.32
Napapijri Puffer Jacket Aerons Hood Men
Napapijri's lightweight jacket for the urban adventures
Puffer Jacket Aerons Hood Women
$ 182.03
Napapijri Puffer Jacket Aerons Hood Women
Napapijri's lightweight jacket for the urban adventures
Rivel Jacket
$ 148.07
Peak Performance Rivel Jacket
Men's down jacket with a relaxed fit.
Galway Parka
$ 87.10
Helly Hansen Galway Parka
Men's light weight winter parka with waterproof material.
Mc Murdo Parka
$ 274.35
$ 347.51
The North Face Mc Murdo Parka
Men's legendary Canadian-type down parka
Wool Shirt Square Men
$ 78.39
Peak Performance Wool Shirt Square Men
Lämmin paita miehille.
Frost Down Coat Women
$ 217.74
Peak Performance Frost Down Coat Women
A longer down coat for women.
Helium High Men
$ 83.10
$ 121.07
Jack Wolfskin Helium High Men
A lightweight down jacket for men for versatile use.
Moment Vest
$ 87.10
Peak Performance Moment Vest
Men's down vest.
Ben Men's Parka
$ 243.87
$ 303.97
Didriksons Ben Men's Parka
The warmest parka in the Didriksons range. Men's sizes.
Dala Mimic Hood Men
$ 130.12
$ 173.32
Haglöfs Dala Mimic Hood Men
A super warm synthetic fill jacket for men.
Unit Jacket
$ 156.77
Peak Performance Unit Jacket
Stylish urban men's winter jacket for everyday use!
Microlight Alpine Jacket
$ 199.45
Rab Microlight Alpine Jacket
A light down jacket for men, with high quality hydrophobic down fill.
Bridgeport Bay Jacket Men
$ 145.80
$ 208.16
Jack Wolfskin Bridgeport Bay Jacket Men
A rugged parka with complete weather protection and lightweight synthetic insulation.
Gotland 3in1 Men
$ 95.81
Jack Wolfskin Gotland 3in1 Men
A winter jacket for men, with detachable liner fleece jacket.
Stretch Down W Parka
$ 139.35
The North Face Stretch Down W Parka
A longer down parka for women.
Andean Peaks Men
$ 91.45
$ 182.03
Jack Wolfskin Andean Peaks Men
Warm, windproof and very lightweight, insulated jacket for active outdoor sports
Down Sierra 3.0 Jacket
$ 156.77
The North Face Down Sierra 3.0 Jacket
Warm and stylish down jacket for men.
Crew Insulator Vest Women's
Outdoor price
$ 42.68
Helly Hansen Crew Insulator Vest Women's
Women's light weight insulating vest with high quality Primaloft insulation.
Näs Down Jacket
$ 243.26
$ 303.97
Haglöfs Näs Down Jacket
A tough and super warm down jacket for everyday wear. Men's sizes.
Essens Mimic Vest
$ 129.77
Haglöfs Essens Mimic Vest
A warm and packable vest with care-free synthetic insulation.
Essens Mimic Hood
$ 121.07
Haglöfs Essens Mimic Hood
Men's synthetic fill jacket for extra insulation and everyday use.
365 Millennial Parka
$ 117.15
$ 199.45
Jack Wolfskin 365 Millennial Parka
Men's parka for cold weather.
Killarney Parka
$ 112.35
Helly Hansen Killarney Parka
Lightly padded and fully waterproof jacket for men.
Argon Storm Jacket
$ 112.35
Jack Wolfskin Argon Storm Jacket
Weatherproof men's winter jacket for active outdoors!
Greenland Re-wool Jacket
$ 322.26
$ 408.49
Fjällräven Greenland Re-wool Jacket
Miesten villakangastakki fleecevuorauksella.
High Range Jacket
$ 87.10
Jack Wolfskin High Range Jacket
A warm synthetic insulation jacket for men.
Essens Mimic Jacket
$ 95.81
Haglöfs Essens Mimic Jacket
Men's synthetic fill jacket for extra insulation and everyday use.
Stretch Down Jacket
$ 113.23
The North Face Stretch Down Jacket
A warmer, yet light weight down jacket for men.
Selenium Coat Women's
$ 113.23
Jack Wolfskin Selenium Coat Women's
Women's warm down coat with top quality down fill.
Men's Summit L3 Down Hoodie
$ 278.70
$ 303.97
The North Face Men's Summit L3 Down Hoodie
Men's down hoodie with a slim fit design.
Essens Mimic Hood Women Fall 2018
$ 103.65
$ 208.16
Haglöfs Essens Mimic Hood Women Fall 2018
Women's synthetic insulation jacket with Haglöfs quality.
Mountain Murdo GTX
$ 396.30
$ 504.30
The North Face Mountain Murdo GTX
Down filled Gore-Tex parka for the most demanding winter conditions. Men's sizes.
Aran Valley Vest Women
$ 68.81
Haglöfs Aran Valley Vest Women
Hooded, lightweight insulation vest for women.
Skagen Parka
$ 182.03
$ 364.93
Jack Wolfskin Skagen Parka
A very stylish parka with complete weather protection and down insulation.
Aran Valley Jacket Women's
$ 78.39
$ 155.90
Haglöfs Aran Valley Jacket Women's
A lightweight insulation jacket with windproof surface.
Njord Parka
$ 148.07
$ 173.32
Helly Hansen Njord Parka
Nordic style and cold weather comfort.
Frost Glacier Down Jacket
$ 174.19
Peak Performance Frost Glacier Down Jacket
Duck down jacket for men. Packable.
Skogsö Padded Jacket
$ 243.00
$ 256.93
Fjällräven Skogsö Padded Jacket
A stylish high quality winter jacket for men.
Crew Insulator Jacket
$ 129.77
Helly Hansen Crew Insulator Jacket
Men's light weight insulating jacket witth high quality Primaloft insulation.
Summit L6 Down Belay Parka
$ 426.77
$ 547.84
The North Face Summit L6 Down Belay Parka
Men's top quality down parka for climbing and other demanding use.
Urban Long Jacket
Outdoor price
$ 130.65
Helly Hansen Urban Long Jacket
Men's waterproof parka for fall and winter use.
Helium High Women
$ 78.39
Jack Wolfskin Helium High Women
A lightweight down jacket for women for versatile use.
Crystal Palace Coat
$ 104.51
Jack Wolfskin Crystal Palace Coat
A long down coat for women.
Axion Jacket
$ 164.00
$ 234.30
Rab Axion Jacket
A high quality down jacket for cold days.
Marcel Parka
$ 130.65
Didriksons Marcel Parka
A warm winter parka for men, with synthetic insulation.
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