Sweet Protection Clockwork RIG Reflect Goggles Obsidian/Turquoise 23/24

Excellent optical quality and a dark lens. Great for everything between freeride and Alpine racing use.

The Clockwork RIG goggles utilize Sweet Protection’s finest lens technology. The 2.8 mm thick main lens offers excellent contrast and minimal colour distortion, resultin in reduced eye fatigue. The Obsidian lens used in this model has a visible light transmission of just 4%, making it the darkest and most protective lens by Sweet Protection, perfect for extremely bright conditions. In sunglass use, such a dark lens is not even recommended for traffic use. This model performs very well in many uses, ranging from freeriding to Alpine racing. One size fits most adults Double lens Gore Protective Vent between the lenses allows pressure differences to even out, thus eliminating any disformation of the inner lens Inner lens with a Clear AF anti-fog treatment

Product information

  • Weight: 550
  • Cat 4