Suunto Aim-30 NH

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An orienteering compass for active use and racing.

You know when you need one. Your basic compass admittedly points north, but has difficulty keeping up with all the running and fast turns. When a basic compass is still wobbling its needle and trying to get its bearings straight, a racing compass such as the Aim-30 will be pointing north already. The looks of this compass are not a coincident. The graphical look on the needle ring is based on the psychology involved in fast orienteering. This compass was developed with sprint orienteering world champion Mårten Boström. Extremely fast needle action Exceptionally stable You can use the needle box for traditional orienteering, or take advantage of the AIM sectors Double sapphire bearings Neodymium magnets Liquid filled needle box Magnifying glass and check point templates Included: lanyard with wrist lock, quick guide What does “NH” stand for? NH is short for Northern Hemisphere – this compass has a needle balanced for use in the northern hemisphere. Because of the angles at which the Earth’s magnetic field is positioned in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, compasses are balanced for use on one or the other.

Product information

  • Measures: 114 x 57 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 30