A traditional compass is always reliable as it has no batteries and aligns with the Earth's magnetic field, providing directional guidance day and night. In addition to traditional baseplate compasses, mirror compasses are also available – just choose your favorite model. Compasses designed for orienteering feature fast-settling needles that quickly point north even after vigorous movement. Suunto is a classic Finnish brand for compasses. Order a Suunto compass from Scandinavian Outdoor, with quick deliveries!
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M-3 Global
$ 60.40
Suunto M-3 Global
For the globetrotter!
MC-2 NH Mirror Compass
$ 60.40
Suunto MC-2 NH Mirror Compass
A high quality mirror compass with northern hemisphere balancing.
KB-20/ 360 G
$ 73.35
Suunto KB-20/ 360 G
Floating, light-weight hand-bearing compass that is an ideal instrument for marine uses
$ 30.21
Suunto M-9
A super light wrist compass.
$ 18.13
Suunto A-10
A high quality compass with basic functions.
Made in Finland
$ 30.21
Suunto MCB
A floating, ergonomic multi-purpose mirror compass that combines precision with practicality
MC-2 Global
$ 77.66
Suunto MC-2 Global
A high quality mirror compass with global balancing.
Aim-6 NH
Made in Finland
$ 64.63
Suunto Aim-6 NH
A race-ready orienteering compass.
$ 26.75
Suunto A-30
A compact, accurate compass for hiking and orienteering, also in poor visibility
$ 77.58
Str8 Original
A reliable workhorse for orienteering.
Aim-30 NH
$ 64.63
Suunto Aim-30 NH
An orienteering compass for active use and racing.
$ 16.39
Suunto Clipper
A premium high-quality back-up compass for any outdoor activity