GPS and compasses

GPS navigators have developed with great leaps lately. At the same time GPS map quality has gone up and their prices have plummeted. You can choose between button-operated and touch screen units - all our Garmin products are equally at home in rough conditions. GPS components are also used in heart rate monitors and outdoor watches. GPS measurement allows you to get precise distance, speed and route data. A traditional compass is still the absolutely necessary piece of gear for outdoor activities. It's not dependent of batteries and it keeps pointing north no matter what.
35 products
eTrex Solar
$ 214.87
$ 250.24
Garmin eTrex Solar
Super long runtime with solid basic navigation - an eTrex with solar panel.
eTrex 22x
$ 188.97
Garmin eTrex 22x
The middle one in the eTrex family.
eTrex SE
$ 128.57
$ 154.45
Garmin eTrex SE
A completely new eTrex! Compact, mapless navigator with superb battery life.
Montana 700i
$ 646.31
Garmin Montana 700i
5" touch screen, map of Europe and inReach safety functions.
Montana 700
Outdoor price
$ 534.13
Garmin Montana 700
5" touch screen, map of Europe and modern connectivity.
Montana 750i
Outdoor price
$ 715.35
$ 732.61
Garmin Montana 750i
5" touch screen, map of Europe and inReach safety functions plus a camera.
inReach Mini 2
$ 267.50
$ 361.55
Garmin inReach Mini 2
A popular satellite safety system, updated.
Gpsmap 67i
$ 551.39
Garmin Gpsmap 67i
Versatile navigation and inReach safety and emergency functionality.
Topo Finland V5 Pro
$ 86.30
Garmin Topo Finland V5 Pro
GPS terrain and road map of Finland for Garmin GPS units. Scale 1:5000 - 1:10 000.
Edge Handlebar Mount
$ 8.54
Garmin Edge Handlebar Mount
An extra mount for Garmin Edge units.
Bike mount Forerunner
$ 11.21
Garmin Bike mount Forerunner
Sturdy handle bar mount for Fenix, Vivoactive and Forerunner units.
M-3 Global
$ 60.40
Suunto M-3 Global
For the globetrotter!
MC-2 NH Mirror Compass
$ 60.40
Suunto MC-2 NH Mirror Compass
A high quality mirror compass with northern hemisphere balancing.
KB-20/ 360 G
$ 73.35
Suunto KB-20/ 360 G
Floating, light-weight hand-bearing compass that is an ideal instrument for marine uses
$ 30.21
Suunto M-9
A super light wrist compass.
$ 18.13
Suunto A-10
A high quality compass with basic functions.
Made in Finland
$ 30.21
Suunto MCB
A floating, ergonomic multi-purpose mirror compass that combines precision with practicality
MC-2 Global
$ 77.66
Suunto MC-2 Global
A high quality mirror compass with global balancing.
Aim-6 NH
Made in Finland
$ 64.63
Suunto Aim-6 NH
A race-ready orienteering compass.
$ 26.75
Suunto A-30
A compact, accurate compass for hiking and orienteering, also in poor visibility
Fenix series USB charger clip and cable
$ 21.57
Garmin Fenix series USB charger clip and cable
Fenix / Fenix 2.
$ 77.58
Str8 Original
A reliable workhorse for orienteering.
Aim-30 NH
$ 64.63
Suunto Aim-30 NH
An orienteering compass for active use and racing.
$ 16.39
Suunto Clipper
A premium high-quality back-up compass for any outdoor activity
Car set for Montana
$ 71.63
Garmin Car set for Montana
A car set with speaker, for Montana series.
Micro USB 2A Latauskaapeli
$ 13.80
Garmin Micro USB 2A Latauskaapeli
For charging and data transfer, Garmin Montana 700 series.
Belt clip outdoor
$ 7.77
Garmin Belt clip outdoor
Belt clip for Garmin GPS hand units.
$ 37.11
Garmin tempe
Wireless temperature sensor for compatible Garmin equipment.
Montana handle bar mount
$ 44.88
Garmin Montana handle bar mount
Simple and sturdy handle bar mount for Montana navigators.
Montana mount for motorcycles and ATV:s
$ 71.63
Garmin Montana mount for motorcycles and ATV:s
Includes power and sound cords.
Vehicle power cord
$ 26.75
Garmin Vehicle power cord
NiMH battery for Oregon navigators
$ 26.75
Garmin NiMH battery for Oregon navigators
Rechargeable NiMH battery for certain Garmin navigators.
Rail and handle bar mount Oregon, Dakota, GPSMAP 66, Colorado
$ 11.21
Garmin Rail and handle bar mount Oregon, Dakota, GPSMAP 66, Colorado
For boat rails, handle bars...
Ambit Power Cable
$ 25.03
Suunto Ambit Power Cable
Spare power and data cable for Suunto Ambit.
Montana 700 Pyörän ohjaustankopidike
$ 47.45
Garmin Montana 700 Pyörän ohjaustankopidike
A handlebar / rail mount for 700 series Garmin Montana units.