SealSkinz Fring

Waterproof gloves for cycling and other outdoor use, with large cuffs to fit over jacket cuffs.

“Extreme Cold” is a bit of a relative term for SealSkinz products: in practice, the products of this series from the British brand are a good choice for most users in times of freezing point temperatures and mild frosts. The quality is really on point, as usual for SealSkinz products, and the new Fusion Control structure gives a good feel to the handlebars and the brake and gear levers. Waterproof SealSkinz gloves are a great choice for wet and cold weather cycling, paddling, hiking, fishing and general outdoor use. Outer surface: 50% polyester, 40% leather, 5% elastane, 5% polyurethane Polyester lining fabric Genuine PrimaLoft Gold insulating batting This product used to be called “Waterproof Extreme Cold weather Insulated Gauntlet with Fusion Control”.

Product information