Nikwax Footwear Care Kit

Cleaning gel and proofing liquid plus a shoe brush, for shoes with leather and fabric uppers.

Well maintained boots endure lots of use. The cleaning gel is gentle but effective, and the impregnation substance used in the proofing liquid renews your shoe’s water repellent finish. The cleaning gel does the double duty of maintaining your shoe’s surface material’s breathability. Package contains: one bottle of cleaning gel, one bottle of proofing liquid, and one shoe brush Safe for use with footwear with a waterproof membrane (Gore-Tex, eVent, DrymaxX, Texapore etc. etc.) The washing gel is free of hydrophilic components, and cleanses the shoes of any potential water attracting dirt. The proofing liquid is applied on the shoes when they are still wet after a wash. As the shoes dry, the proofing liquid cures and creates a water repellent surface. In true NikWax style, this product is non-hazardous, water based and biodegradable.