Care products

Well cared for footwear will serve you long and function in the best way possible. We sell both cleansing and impregnating substances for technical, membrane-equipped shoes and boots. When you first clean your boots and let them dry, you can use water repellent spray and, when needed, suitable wax. By keeping the surface well impregnated you can enhance the boots' breathability: if the surface material is soaking wet, the membrane has no chance of breathing. We also offer care products for wellies: silicone based rubber care products keep your rubber boots in check.
10 products
Conditioner for leather
$ 7.19
Nikwax Conditioner for leather
Rubber Conditioner 150 ml
$ 14.31
Gateway Rubber Conditioner 150 ml
Shoe Brush
$ 4.66
Nikwax Shoe Brush
Fabric and leather spray
$ 9.23
Nikwax Fabric and leather spray
Rubber care
$ 4.66
Nokian Jalkineet Rubber care
Nubuck & Suede spray
$ 9.23
Nikwax Nubuck & Suede spray
Active Creme
$ 7.54
Lowa Active Creme
Water Stop Pro
$ 11.77
Lowa Water Stop Pro
Wetproof 275 ml
$ 12.27
Meindl Wetproof 275 ml
$ 6.35
Meindl Sportwax