Nikwax Wool wash

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A soap for washing wool wear.

Detergent for cleaning woolen clothes and woolen socks.

Odor-removing washing and rinsing agent for wool technical underwear, wool socks and sports layers. Nikwax Wool Wash is a mild detergent that removes dirt, sweat and stubborn odors. Wool Wash also softens wool products, improving the absorbency of woolen clothes held against the skin, while also shortening their drying time. Excellent cleaning and care product for e.g. woolen clothes, merino wool underwear, sports clothes, etc.

Nikwax Wool Wash improves and revives the natural moisture transfer properties of wool-based layers and increases breathability. By using Nikwax aftercare products, you can keep your outdoor equipment in better condition for longer, and you will feel warm, dry and comfortable. Nikwax products are easy to use and ecological. The products are water-based, non-flammable and safe to use at home as well. They do not contain PFCs, propellants or any harmful solvents. The products also do not require separate heat treatment.

Versatile and safe wool detergent, cleans and cares at the same time.

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