Nikwax Twinpack

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Tech Wash for washing your shell garment and TX.Direct for waterproofing it.

Nikwax Twinpack - Tech Wash for washing your shell garment and TX Direct for waterproofing it. Wash the garment first using Tech Wash and after that again with the waterproofing TX.Direct. No need to dry item(s) before waterproofing. Note! The TX.Direct Wash-In is not recommended for garments with a wicking liner. For such apparel, please choose the separate Tech Wash and TX Direct Spray, and only apply the spray on the outside. Using the TX.Direct Wash-In does not damage your garment in any means, but it may reduce its moisture wicking properties until wear and washes wear the impregnation away. Both bottles contain 300 ml. The Tech Wash is enough for about three washes and the TX.Direct for about two.