Marker (founded by Hannes Marker) has been making Alpine ski bindings for more than 50 years. Lead by a passion for making bindings with both great performance and great safety. In the early 50’s leg fractures on ski slopes were alarmingly common, as the bindings of that time had no release function - especially spiral fractures were a common occurrence as there was nothing to stop the ski from twisting the skier’s leg. Preceded by Look with their first release mechanisms, Marker was quick to jump in and make bindings better than ever, allowing for safe release when the forces were starting to get too big. Among their current lineup especially touring bindings stand out: the Duke is by now a legend, and their new Kingpin is rapidly growing in popularity as well.

Our Marker range also covers other product groups: Marker helmets and goggles are highly appreciated thanks to their great comfort, and body protection gear is also included. For many of our customers, as well as staff members, Marker products are an integral part of the fun and safe skiing.