Haglöfs has a long history of making high-quality outdoor products. In 1914 Victor Haglöfs made his first backpacks and started to sell them. In the beginning, deliveries were made by bicycle, but now Haglöfs makes more than a million products a year and is the biggest manufacturer of outdoor equipment in the Nordic countries.

Haglöfs backpacks, sleeping bags, clothes, and shoes are sold in fifteen European countries as well as in Japan. Most products are manufactured in China, Vietnam, Estonia, Poland, and Romania. Strict quality control has helped the brand to rise as a favorite in Nordic countries.

Haglöfs aims at making versatile products that work in a range of outdoor activities. According to the Haglöfs ideology, a versatile product is lighter to carry than a bunch of highly specialized ones. Haglöfs has also stressed the importance of layering in clothing. Haglöfs's dedication to making products that serve their customers best has made the brand a favorite choice for many users.

Haglöfs is one of the most important brands in Scandinavian Outdoor. We firmly believe in their product range and have on countless occasions seen how functional Haglöfs products are. We can wholeheartedly recommend them!

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