Ultralight Gear

This product group contains some of our ultra light gear. These products may require a bit of extra care when used, but reward you with great weight savings.

100 products
Exos 58
$ 177.42
Osprey Exos 58
A spacious backpack for minimalists, complete with a well ventilated back panel.
$ 647.58
Hilleberg Enan
Super light solo tent for three season use, with guaranteed Hilleberg functionality.
Tarp 5
$ 159.59
Hilleberg Tarp 5
320 grams of Hilleberg quality.
Thru-hiker 70 Wing V2
$ 167.66
MSR Thru-hiker 70 Wing V2
A 460 gram tarp.
Microntrail Regulated Piezo
$ 79.84
Primus Microntrail Regulated Piezo
A light weight gas stove with regulated pressure.
Siltarp 2
$ 115.28
Rab Siltarp 2
Light tarp with lash points, size 2.4 x 3 meters.
Siltarp 1
$ 70.93
Rab Siltarp 1
Light tarp with lash points, size 2.4 x 3 meters.
$ 84.27
Eagles Nest Outfitters SuperSub
Double width hammock, still extremely light weight.
Ultralight Hammock
$ 88.62
Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock
Extremely light hammock.
Microntrail Piezo
$ 58.47
Primus Microntrail Piezo
A 90 gram gas stove that fits in a pocket.
Ultralight Hammock Set Regular
$ 105.57
Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock Set Regular
Extremely packable and light hammock.
Talon 44
$ 141.93
Osprey Talon 44
Versatile pack outfitted for climbing.
Eldris Neck Knife Kit
$ 30.97
$ 44.31
Morakniv Eldris Neck Knife Kit
An EDC knife with neck strap and fire starter.
PocketRocket 2 Mini Stove Kit
$ 70.08
MSR PocketRocket 2 Mini Stove Kit
A compact and powerful stove together with a one person pot and handle.
Z-Lite Sol Regular
$ 44.31
Thermarest Z-Lite Sol Regular
Z-design lies flat and packs small.
Vital Windshell Hoody
$ 53.19
Rab Vital Windshell Hoody
Superlight hoody for battling the wind.
Mattress Extreme
Made in Finland
$ 8.78
Scandinavian Outdoor Mattress Extreme
Thin and superbly light, this 3 mm mattress adds warmth to any sleeping setup.
Spork Titanium
$ 12.33
$ 19.47
Light My Fire Spork Titanium
Titanium version of the legendary Spork.
Phase 30 Long
$ 416.93
Marmot Phase 30 Long
Top notch summer bag with superbly low weight. +5°C...-1°C. 570g.
PocketRocket Stove Kit
$ 87.82
MSR PocketRocket Stove Kit
Stove, pot and everything else you need in one package.
Superfly Stove
$ 48.70
$ 66.48
MSR Superfly Stove
Compact and easy-to-use gas stove.
PocketRocket Deluxe
$ 75.32
MSR PocketRocket Deluxe
83 grams. The 2019 model of a legendary gas stove.
Bushbox LF Titanium
$ 106.36
Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox LF Titanium
Mid-sized wood stove, made of titanium
$ 70.93
Jetboil MightyMo
A gas stove with regulated pressure and extra precise flame control
Jwp Vest M
$ 62.01
$ 70.88
Jack Wolfskin Jwp Vest M
Light and packable gilet made of recycled materials
$ 57.57
$ 66.53
Eagles Nest Outfitters Sub6
Super light hammock: 165 grams! Extremely small packing volume.
Mythic 600
$ 531.37
Rab Mythic 600
Incredibly light sleeping bag for three season use. -5 ... -12°C
Rook 50
$ 124.19
Osprey Rook 50
A 50 liter pack for weekend and multi day use.
Exos 48
$ 159.68
Osprey Exos 48
A spacious backpack for minimalists, complete with a well ventilated back panel.
NeoAir XLite MAX SpeedValve Regular
$ 176.53
Thermarest NeoAir XLite MAX SpeedValve Regular
Comfortable and easy to inflate. Small packing size.
Talon 33
$ 124.19
Osprey Talon 33
Retki magazine test winner!
Phase 20 Regular 2019
$ 443.55
Marmot Phase 20 Regular 2019
Top notch three season bag, with potential for winter use. -1°C...-7°C. 600 g.
Phase 20 Regular Women's
$ 470.16
Marmot Phase 20 Regular Women's
Women's top notch three season bag, with potential for winter use. -5°C...-12°C. 820 g.
Bushbox Ultralight
$ 30.97
Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox Ultralight
Ultralight wood stove with amazing packing size. 70 grams!
Happy Stove
Made in Finland
$ 30.97
Savotta Happy Stove
A compact and light wood stove.
Grumpy Stove
Made in Finland
$ 30.97
Savotta Grumpy Stove
A compact and light wood stove. The grumpier version.
Ultralight Hammock Set XL
$ 114.43
Sea To Summit Ultralight Hammock Set XL
Ultralight hammock for users taller than 183 cm.
Lightest  Hammock
$ 44.35
$ 48.70
Ticket To The Moon Lightest Hammock
Extra light hammock.
L.I.M III Jacket Women
Haglöfs Outlet
$ 141.05
Haglöfs L.I.M III Jacket Women
Lighter than ever, this is the yardstick for light shell jackets! Women's model.
Lim Proof Q Pant
Haglöfs Outlet
$ 87.82
Haglöfs Lim Proof Q Pant
Minimalistic and ultra light shell pant for women.
Lim Proof Q Jacket
Haglöfs Outlet
$ 88.62
Haglöfs Lim Proof Q Jacket
Minimalistic and ultra light shell jacket for women.
Kyte 66 W
$ 177.42
Osprey Kyte 66 W
Women's backpack with 66 liters of space.
Bushbox XL Titanium
$ 149.92
Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox XL Titanium
A wood stove in a generous size, without any weight penalties.
Ash Tray Bushbox Ultralight
$ 4.35
Bushcraft Essentials Ash Tray Bushbox Ultralight
An accessory for the Bushbox Ultralight for use with organic fuel.
Synmat Hyperlite M
$ 158.79
Exped Synmat Hyperlite M
Three season sleeping comfort at just 350 grams!
Mutant 52
$ 159.68
Osprey Mutant 52
A quality choice for ski touring and climbing: a 52 liter skiing pack.
$ 44.26
$ 62.01
Petzl Bindi
A minimalistic rechargeable head lamp.
Rook 65
$ 133.07
Osprey Rook 65
A 65 liter pack for weekend and multi day use.
Streamer 2.0
$ 32.74
Deuter Streamer 2.0
Easy and fast hydration bladder, volume 2 liters.
Streamer 3.0
$ 35.40
Deuter Streamer 3.0
A three liter hydration bladder for on the go hydration!
Micropur forte
$ 18.63
Katadyn Micropur forte
Water desinfection tablets. 100 pcs.
Atmos AG 50
$ 195.16
Osprey Atmos AG 50
Ventilated carrying system, even on the hip belt. Super comfortable carrying.
$ 35.40
LifeStraw Personal
A water filtering straw with 0.2 micron filter size.
$ 46.13
Katadyn BeFree
Suodattava juomapullo: puhdasta vettä lennossa!
Trailshot Microfilter
$ 48.70
MSR Trailshot Microfilter
Grammanviilaajan valinta: taskukokoinen vedensuodatin jonka kautta voit juoda suoraan vesistöstä.
Mug 3dl
$ 2.22
Orthex Mug 3dl
Classic Plastic Mug
$ 26.57
Morakniv Eldris
A fantastic EDC knife in Nordic style.
UL Suspension Straps
$ 31.93
Sea To Summit UL Suspension Straps
Super light straps for hammocks.
Micro Trail Pro
$ 141.05
Leki Micro Trail Pro
Poles for trail running and fast hiking.
Futura Pro 42
$ 132.18
Deuter Futura Pro 42
New model from the popular Futura line
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