Axes, saws and shovels

An axe or hatchet grows in value as you move deeper into the back country. Roselli and Wetterlings quality axes will serve you long, and with style, thanks to their quality materials.
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Manual Chainsaw
$ 43.46
Nordic Pocket Saw Manual Chainsaw
Camping axe X7
Made in Finland
$ 48.69
Fiskars Camping axe X7
Pocket Saw 12 Cm
$ 38.32
Opinel Pocket Saw 12 Cm
Outdoor Axe
$ 47.82
Morakniv Outdoor Axe
Retkipiilu Lyhyt
Carbon steel blade
Made in Finland
$ 117.58
Roselli Retkipiilu Lyhyt
Retkipiilu Long
Carbon steel blade
Made in Finland
$ 121.06
Roselli Retkipiilu Long
Folding saw
$ 30.40
Fiskars Folding saw
Norden N10 Rakentajan Kirves
Made in Finland
$ 74.03
Fiskars Norden N10 Rakentajan Kirves
Norden N12 Halkaisukirves
Made in Finland
$ 82.74
Fiskars Norden N12 Halkaisukirves
Xtract Garden Saw L
$ 43.46
Fiskars Xtract Garden Saw L
$ 65.24
Marttiini Retkikirves
Pocket Saw
$ 28.65
Savotta Pocket Saw
Camping axe X5
Made in Finland
$ 41.72
Fiskars Camping axe X5
Freescape Camp Saw
$ 50.43
Gerber Freescape Camp Saw
Foldable Shovel
$ 60.88
Fiskars Foldable Shovel
Ski Trip Shovel
$ 60.97
Arva Ski Trip Shovel
$ 62.62
Marttiini Vaelluskirves
$ 69.59
Marttiini Leirikirves
Axe Shovel 22/23
$ 74.03
Arva Axe Shovel 22/23
Outdoor price
$ 30.40
Nordic Pocket Saw Fold
X-Series X14
Made in Finland
$ 48.69
Fiskars X-Series X14
Kombi saw Eka
$ 60.10
EKA Kombi saw Eka
X-series X13
Made in Finland
$ 43.46
Fiskars X-series X13
Pocket Trowel Nylon
$ 11.24
Sea To Summit Pocket Trowel Nylon
Retkipiilu Lyhyt Lahjalaatikossa
Made in Finland
$ 152.42
Roselli Retkipiilu Lyhyt Lahjalaatikossa
Norden N7 Retkikirves
Made in Finland
$ 68.81
Fiskars Norden N7 Retkikirves
Downrange Tomahawk
$ 338.81
Gerber Downrange Tomahawk