Welcome to the cycling gear category at Scandinavian Outdoor – here, you'll find everything necessary to make cycling even more enjoyable, safer, and more efficient. Whether it's urban cycling, mountain biking, or long touring rides, we have just the equipment you need. Our staff will assist you with gear choices for mountain, road, commuting, touring, and winter cycling as needed. Proper cycling clothing significantly increases comfort - cycling outfits have been developed over decades, and modern materials are exceptionally good. Explore our extensive range of cycling gear and make every ride unforgettable. Don't let the weather catch you by surprise – we offer waterproof and breathable rain jackets and pants that keep you dry. At Scandinavian Outdoor, we believe that the right gear can enhance your enjoyment on every cycling journey. That's why we offer a wide range of accessories, such as high-quality cycling glasses that protect your eyes and improve visibility, as well as quality bike bags. Whether your goal is to improve your fitness, prepare for a competition, or simply enjoy a peaceful bike ride in nature, you'll find the equipment you need with us. Explore our most popular products and find the perfect gear that makes your cycling even more rewarding.
155 products
Back Roller City, pair
$ 109.42
Ortlieb Back Roller City, pair
Back Roller Classic, pair
$ 143.53
Ortlieb Back Roller Classic, pair
Velocity PS 23L
$ 116.17
Ortlieb Velocity PS 23L
Weight 790.
Sport-Roller City, pair
$ 92.32
Ortlieb Sport-Roller City, pair
Frame-pack RC Toptube
$ 106.85
Ortlieb Frame-pack RC Toptube
Commuter Daypack Urban 21 L
$ 161.56
Ortlieb Commuter Daypack Urban 21 L
Weight 740.
Commuter Daypack City 27
$ 145.24
Ortlieb Commuter Daypack City 27
Weight 800.
Support Strap For Seat-Pack
$ 10.17
Ortlieb Support Strap For Seat-Pack
Velocity PS 17 L
$ 107.62
Ortlieb Velocity PS 17 L
Weight 730.
Frame-pack RC 6
$ 123.95
Ortlieb Frame-pack RC 6
Frame-pack 6
$ 132.50
Ortlieb Frame-pack 6
Handlebar Pack 9
$ 115.32
Ortlieb Handlebar Pack 9
Frame-pack RC 4
$ 106.85
Ortlieb Frame-pack RC 4
Frame-pack RC 3L Toptube
$ 98.31
Ortlieb Frame-pack RC 3L Toptube
Frame-pack 4
$ 115.40
Ortlieb Frame-pack 4
Rush Black RV 1-3
$ 187.21
Julbo Rush Black RV 1-3
Commuter Insert For Panniers
$ 40.09
Ortlieb Commuter Insert For Panniers
Packing Cubes For Pannier
$ 41.80
Ortlieb Packing Cubes For Pannier
Handlebar-Pack Plus
$ 115.40
Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack Plus
$ 127.37
Fenix BC30R USB V2
Max. output in Lumen 1800.
$ 50.86
Fenix BC25R
Max. output in Lumen 600.
Energy Bag 0,5
$ 16.16
Deuter Energy Bag 0,5
Phone Bag 0,7
$ 31.54
Deuter Phone Bag 0,7
5 L Down Shift Hydration Hip Pack
Outdoor price
$ 76.08
Hydro Flask 5 L Down Shift Hydration Hip Pack
Crux 2L Reservoir
$ 36.67
$ 42.66
CamelBak Crux 2L Reservoir
Weight 210.
Rack-Pack XL
$ 93.09
Ortlieb Rack-Pack XL
Hummvee Lite Short II
$ 64.03
Endura Hummvee Lite Short II
Women's Xtract Lite Mitt
$ 29.88
Endura Women's Xtract Lite Mitt
Aerolite White / Blue-grey
$ 161.56
Julbo Aerolite White / Blue-grey
Windchill Glove
$ 38.43
Endura Windchill Glove
Fury Black 0-3
$ 179.43
Julbo Fury Black 0-3
Strike Glove
$ 42.70
Endura Strike Glove
Ultimate Blue/Black
$ 178.66
Julbo Ultimate Blue/Black
Sport-Packer Plus, pair
$ 160.62
Ortlieb Sport-Packer Plus, pair
FS260-Pro Jetstream L/S Jersey II
$ 101.73
Endura FS260-Pro Jetstream L/S Jersey II
Sport Roller Classic, pair
$ 111.13
Ortlieb Sport Roller Classic, pair
Women's Xtract Lite Bibshort
$ 68.34
Endura Women's Xtract Lite Bibshort
Fury Black SP3cf Red
$ 102.50
Julbo Fury Black SP3cf Red
Back Roller Urban QL2.1, one piece
$ 87.96
Ortlieb Back Roller Urban QL2.1, one piece
Rush Black RV 0-3
$ 187.21
Julbo Rush Black RV 0-3
Ultimate Black/Red
$ 178.66
$ 187.21
Julbo Ultimate Black/Red
Engineered Padded Boxer
$ 38.43
Endura Engineered Padded Boxer
Aerolite Nude Sp3cf
$ 102.50
Julbo Aerolite Nude Sp3cf
Rack Pack S
$ 79.41
Ortlieb Rack Pack S
Xtract Bibshort ii
$ 64.07
Endura Xtract Bibshort ii
Back Roller Hi-Visibility, one piece
$ 123.10
Ortlieb Back Roller Hi-Visibility, one piece
Xtract Lite Mitt
$ 29.88
Endura Xtract Lite Mitt
Sport Roller Hi-Visibility, pair
$ 164.13
Ortlieb Sport Roller Hi-Visibility, pair
Sport-Roller Plus, pair
$ 123.95
Ortlieb Sport-Roller Plus, pair
Back Roller Plus, pair
$ 164.98
Ortlieb Back Roller Plus, pair
Ultimate Noir/Rose Sp3
Outdoor price
$ 76.08
Julbo Ultimate Noir/Rose Sp3
Ultimate Noir SP3cf
Outdoor price
$ 84.63
Julbo Ultimate Noir SP3cf
Sport-Roller Free, pair
$ 115.40
Ortlieb Sport-Roller Free, pair
Mesh Pocket
$ 20.43
Ortlieb Mesh Pocket
Bike Packer Classic, pair
$ 147.80
Ortlieb Bike Packer Classic, pair
Sport-Packer Classic, pair
$ 123.95
Ortlieb Sport-Packer Classic, pair
Bike Packer Plus, pair
$ 183.79
Ortlieb Bike Packer Plus, pair
Back Roller Hi-Visibility, Pair
$ 184.56
Ortlieb Back Roller Hi-Visibility, Pair
Back Roller Urban QL 3.1, one piece
$ 109.42
Ortlieb Back Roller Urban QL 3.1, one piece
Outer Pocket L
$ 30.69
Ortlieb Outer Pocket L
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