Balaclavas are great for use with a helmet or a beanie, for instance. Ranging from wind permeable ones to wind protective models, our range serves a wide audience.
13 products
Silk Balaclava
$ 24.33
Orina Silk Balaclava
Expedition Balaclava
$ 51.45
Devold Expedition Balaclava
Merino Hood
$ 32.65
Svala Merino Hood
Commando Hood, Merino
$ 32.65
Svala Commando Hood, Merino
$ 42.10
Svala Power-huppu
Ålberga Balaclava SR
$ 23.29
Lindberg Ålberga Balaclava SR
Balaclava 20W
$ 46.77
Picture Organic Clothing Balaclava 20W
Lightweight Merino Balaclava Black Solid
$ 32.70
Buff Lightweight Merino Balaclava Black Solid
100% Dry Hood
Made in Finland
$ 20.49
Svala 100% Dry Hood
Power Stretch Pro Balaclava
$ 27.97
Rab Power Stretch Pro Balaclava
WAK Merino Balaclava
$ 24.23
Lasting WAK Merino Balaclava
The Team Hood Black
$ 56.04
BlackStrap The Team Hood Black
The Hood Mint
$ 37.33
BlackStrap The Hood Mint