Children's skiing trousers

Padded skiing pants keep your kid comfy in freezing conditions and help prevent cold spots. The surface materials of these pants protect from the wind and, in some cases, also from water. Other skiing pants are shell trousers: with this type, you can adjust the warmth of your setup more with the help of base and mid layers.
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Pallas JR Warm Pant
$ 70.33
Halti Pallas JR Warm Pant
Takeoff Pants 2016
$ 27.38
Reima Takeoff Pants 2016
Terrie Winter Pant
$ 93.09
Reima Terrie Winter Pant
Wingon Winter Pants
$ 93.09
Reima Wingon Winter Pants
Foot Loops
$ 2.74
Reima Foot Loops
Proxima Pant
$ 54.72
Reima Proxima Pant
Lahti Jr XCT Set
$ 116.56
Halti Lahti Jr XCT Set
Loikka Pants
$ 62.55
Reima Loikka Pants
Platon 709
$ 46.15
Lego Wear Platon 709
Mist JR Pant
$ 93.09
Picture Organic Clothing Mist JR Pant
Vin Kids Pant
$ 43.02
Didriksons Vin Kids Pant
JR No Limits 20 Pant
$ 117.34
Helly Hansen JR No Limits 20 Pant
Kiddo lightning pants
$ 54.72
Reima Kiddo lightning pants