Trousers and overalls

Children’s trousers come in many shapes and styles - ready for all weather conditions!

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Idole Pants
$ 44.31
Reima Idole Pants
Very comfortable, windproof slim fit soft shell pants for kids.
Powder Mountain Pant Kids
$ 61.22
$ 78.95
Jack Wolfskin Powder Mountain Pant Kids
Functional pants for children's snow sports.
Lakeside Pants Kids
$ 39.88
Jack Wolfskin Lakeside Pants Kids
Children's summer trekking pants with mosquito-proof fabric.
Kids Vidda Shorts
$ 61.22
Fjällräven Kids Vidda Shorts
Fjällräven durability now also in children's sizes.
Activate Pants Kids
$ 57.62
Jack Wolfskin Activate Pants Kids
Highly breathable, robust and stretchy softshell trousers
Activate pants kids
$ 57.62
Jack Wolfskin Activate pants kids
Highly breathable, robust and stretchy softshell trousers
Kids Shelter Pant
$ 53.23
Helly Hansen Kids Shelter Pant
Children's waterproof and breathable shell trousers.
Dubliner Jr Pant
$ 53.23
Helly Hansen Dubliner Jr Pant
Functional, affordable shell pants for kids.
Jr Voss Pant
$ 22.09
Helly Hansen Jr Voss Pant
Children's traditional rubber pants.
Kiddo Lightning
$ 44.26
$ 62.05
Reima Kiddo Lightning
Children water- and windproof winter trousers
Kids Caribou TC pants
$ 61.22
Pinewood Kids Caribou TC pants
Children's cotton polyester trousers for hiking, trekking and general outdoor use.
Dillon Flex Pant Jr
$ 66.48
Jack Wolfskin Dillon Flex Pant Jr
Stretchy outdoor trousers for kids.
Rugged Mountain Pant Jr
$ 88.62
Haglöfs Rugged Mountain Pant Jr
Super popular! Rugged pants for serious and demanding use, now in junior sizes.
Breccia Pant Jr
$ 79.75
Haglöfs Breccia Pant Jr
Children's relaxed non-membrane soft shell pants for a multitude of uses.
Niva Insulated Pant Junior
Outdoor price
$ 66.53
Haglöfs Niva Insulated Pant Junior
Children's winter pants for skiing and general winter use.
Jr No Limits Pant
$ 70.08
$ 87.82
Helly Hansen Jr No Limits Pant
Skiing pants with suspenders.
Atlas Pants
$ 48.79
$ 85.16
Lindberg Atlas Pants
High quality children's pants for winter use.
Ping 777 Tec Ski Pants
$ 70.08
Lego Wear Ping 777 Tec Ski Pants
Children's waterproof ski pants with digital denim print.
Ping 775 Tec Ski Pants
$ 88.62
Lego Wear Ping 775 Tec Ski Pants
Waterproof ski pants for children.
Björnen Kids Coverall
$ 78.95
$ 96.69
Didriksons Björnen Kids Coverall
Kids Vidda Trousers
$ 70.08
$ 87.82
Fjällräven Kids Vidda Trousers
Fjällräven durability now also in children's sizes.
Waits Pants
$ 24.79
Molo Waits Pants
Children's rain pants with light liner fabric.
Kids Keb Gaiter Pants
$ 132.18
$ 158.79
Fjällräven Kids Keb Gaiter Pants
Children's zip off pants with built-in gaiter system.
Takeoff Pants
Outdoor price
$ 44.26
Reima Takeoff Pants
Children's winter pants with detachable suspenders.
Pallas JR Pants
$ 62.01
$ 70.88
Halti Pallas JR Pants
Extremely breathable soft shell pants for children.
Slana Pants
$ 39.88
Reima Slana Pants
Children's rain resistant pants.
Invert Pants
$ 39.88
Reima Invert Pants
Children's spring and fall pants - rainproof, windproof and equipped with mesh liner.
Topakka D Pants
$ 66.48
Reima Topakka D Pants
Generous fit padded winter trousers for kids.
Terrie Pants
Outdoor price
$ 61.22
Reima Terrie Pants
Kids' waterproof winter pants with girlish straight cut.
Wingon Pants 2018
Outdoor price
$ 61.22
Reima Wingon Pants 2018
Kids' winter pants with durable surface fabric and detachable suspenders.
Takeoff Pants 2018
$ 62.01
Reima Takeoff Pants 2018
Windproof and breathable kids winter pants
Loikka Pants
$ 70.93
Reima Loikka Pants
Children's padded pants with snow locks at the leg ends.
Northern Overall
Outdoor price
$ 87.82
Lindberg Northern Overall
Quality overall for kids.
Lindberg Colden Pants
$ 61.22
$ 87.82
Lindberg Lindberg Colden Pants
Strong, insulated and waterproof pants for kids.
Harjanne overall
Outdoor price
$ 78.95
Reima Harjanne overall
Lasten lämmin ja vedenpitävä talvihaalari.
Platon 708
$ 52.34
$ 70.88
Lego Wear Platon 708
Children's winter / skiing pants.
Flip Jeans
$ 53.19
Reima Flip Jeans
Traditional jeans look, with Thermolite mix material for warmth.
Sway Pants
$ 44.31
Reima Sway Pants
Children's breathable spring and fall pants. Slim fit.
Rugged Flex JR Pant
$ 79.75
Haglöfs Rugged Flex JR Pant
Children's hiking pants with stretch reinforcement panels.
Ping 881 Tec Ski Pants
$ 97.49
Lego Wear Ping 881 Tec Ski Pants
Warm and high-quality pants for children.
Mila Pant Jr
$ 62.01
Haglöfs Mila Pant Jr
Quality shell pants for kids, with mesh liner.
Jr Salt Port Pant
$ 106.45
Helly Hansen Jr Salt Port Pant
Sailing trousers in junior sizes.
Jr Border Pant
$ 79.84
Helly Hansen Jr Border Pant
Children's shell pants with reinforcements and mesh liner.
Mighty Softshell Pants 2017
$ 44.31
Reima Mighty Softshell Pants 2017
Kid's softshell pants, with a relaxed jeans type cut.
JR Light Weight Pants
$ 17.66
Tretorn JR Light Weight Pants
Children's lightweight rain pants.
Oja Pants
$ 22.13
Reima Oja Pants
Children's waterproof pants.
Slana Mid-season Pants
$ 39.88
Reima Slana Mid-season Pants
Water and dirt repellent pants for schoolkids.
Oikotie Pants
$ 39.88
Reima Oikotie Pants
Windproof and comfortable softshell pants for kids.
Trick Jeans
$ 53.19
Reima Trick Jeans
Traditional jeans look, with Thermolite mix material for warmth.
Platon 201 Pant
$ 44.26
Lego Wear Platon 201 Pant
Kids' waterproof pants.
Idea Pants 2017
$ 44.31
Reima Idea Pants 2017
Softshell pants for kids.
Lento Kids' Mid-season Pants
$ 53.19
Reima Lento Kids' Mid-season Pants
Durable and trustworthy water- and windproof pants for kids.
Lappland JR Pants
$ 52.34
Pinewood Lappland JR Pants
Children's strong and breathable pants with a camo pattern.
Sprint Pants
$ 53.19
Reima Sprint Pants
Children's mid season trousers with waterproof material.
Mila Jr Pants 2017
$ 62.01
Haglöfs Mila Jr Pants 2017
High quality shell pants for kids.
Girl's Starstruck pant
$ 70.97
Marmot Girl's Starstruck pant
Waterproof winter pants for girls.
LWPlaton 702
$ 48.79
$ 61.22
Lego Wear LWPlaton 702
Skiing and winter pants for kids.
Mighty Softshell Pants
$ 44.31
Reima Mighty Softshell Pants
Kid's softshell pants, with a relaxed jeans type cut.
Stavenger Overall
$ 87.82
$ 141.05
Reima Stavenger Overall
Kids' durable and waterproof winter overall.
Jakob 753 Tec Snowsuit
Outdoor price
$ 78.95
Lego Wear Jakob 753 Tec Snowsuit
Children's warm and durable snowsuit.
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