Bushmen Easy Tarp 3x3

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A light tarp in the most popular size. Pegs, ridgeline and cords included!

The Easy Tarp is a complete set, including 10 meters of ridge line, six pegs, elastic loops for hanging the tarp on the ridge line, and cords with tension buckles for the corners and center lashing points. This set allows for a standard ridge line setup, which works well with a hammock as well as sleeping on the ground. Additionally, the 3x3 meter square model allows for a variety of other setup options.

The reinforced center seam allows the tarp to be strung up without a ridge line if necessary - however, trees swaying at different paces in the wind can create tremendous forces, so we still recommend using the ridge line in most situations.

The corner cord buckles have a safety mechanism: if a force great enough to threaten tearing the fabric itself is applied to the cord, the buckle will release it.

  • Waterproof fabric, 190T polyester
  • 19 attachment points
  • Reinforced center seam
  • Package includes:
  • Tarp
  • Six aluminum stakes (Y-profile, 18 cm long, weight 12g each)
  • Ridge line
  • Six 3-meter long ropes with tension buckles
  • Two elastic loops for rigging the tarp to the ridge line - during transport, you can use these for compression on the packing bag
  • Carrying bag

Product information

  • Weight: 680
  • Hydrostatic head: 3000
  • Measures: 3 x 2,9 m