Ain't no skiing without poles - for any length of time, that is. Although skiing without poles is a proven method for practicing the correct weight shifting rhythm, poles are an integral part of skiing technique. For classic style, choose poles that are 0.85 x your height, and for free style skiing go for ones that are 0.9 x your height. Advanced skiers may have preferences that differ from this rule of thumb, but this formula gets you in the ballpark.
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Race Free 1
$ 216.87
Start Race Free 1
High quality carbon fiber pole.
Race Ultra Free
$ 260.42
Start Race Ultra Free
Top quality cross country poles.
Sport Poles
$ 77.51
Start Sport Poles
High quality poles for enthusiasts.
XTA Base Poles
$ 26.13
Leki XTA Base Poles
Sensibly priced poles with aluminium tubing.
Snow Jr 21/22 sauvat
$ 33.97
Start Snow Jr 21/22 sauvat
Children's poles
Loppet 19/20
$ 94.93
Start Loppet 19/20
Reliable cross country poles for enthusiasts.
Handle Master Cork, Pair
Outdoor price
$ 14.37
Start Handle Master Cork, Pair
Light and warm cork handle for 17 mm poles.
Snow Jr
$ 25.26
Start Snow Jr
Childen's cross country poles.
Jr Race
$ 68.81
Start Jr Race
Juniors race cross country poles.
Nordic Ranger
$ 60.10
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Deep snow poles for hunters, rangers, ski tourers...
$ 51.39
Start Track
Basic cross country poles.
Loppet Free
$ 94.93
Start Loppet Free
Free length poles for demanding skiers.
Winner Free
$ 112.35
Start Winner Free
Carbon fiber poles for demanding skiers.
Storm 6 Dark
Outdoor price
$ 60.88
One Way Storm 6 Dark
The enthusiast's choice. Cork handle, and 30% carbon fiber content.
AV WC Strap
$ 26.04
One Way AV WC Strap
Spare straps for One Way poles.
Storm 2 22/23 poles
Outdoor price
$ 112.35
One Way Storm 2 22/23 poles
100% carbon fiber poles for cross country skiing.
Storm 1 22/23
Outdoor price
$ 164.61
One Way Storm 1 22/23
Top of the line poles with 100% carbon fiber tubing.