Hiking sandals are a real classic - they combine great ventilation and great wearing comfort. Our range also contains lighter alternatives for both city, country side and beach use. Crocs and Sanük footwear has seen successful use as break footwear on long back country backpacking trips.

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Nakiska Scuff Women's
Outdoor price
$ 33.97
Sorel Nakiska Scuff Women's
Laatutohvelit naisille.
Falcon Ridge
$ 60.92
Sorel Falcon Ridge
Slippers for huts and other accommodation with cold floors.
Damaya Lattice Women's
$ 68.81
Keen Damaya Lattice Women's
Comfortable even when doing some real walking.
Around Town Buckle Slide Print
$ 51.39
Merrell Around Town Buckle Slide Print
Anatomic sandals for women.
Venice Lady
$ 112.35
Keen Venice Lady
Comfortable sandals with excellent fit
Newport Leather
$ 112.35
Keen Newport Leather
Men’s leather Keen sandal with closed toe cap – excellent walking sandals.
Miss J-Bay
$ 60.88
Reef Miss J-Bay
Women's sandals.
$ 113.23
Keen Daytona
Men's leather sandals with wide last.
Women's Evofit One
$ 68.81
Keen Women's Evofit One
Women's sandals with amazing fit.
Venice II H2 Women's
$ 103.65
Keen Venice II H2 Women's
Women's sandals with excellent walking feel.
Newport H2
$ 103.65
Keen Newport H2
Men's sandals with proper toe protector and a great walking feel
Terran Lattice II Women's
$ 82.74
Merrell Terran Lattice II Women's
Colorful and anatomical summer sandals for women.
Sage Ankle W
$ 87.00
Keen Sage Ankle W
Comfortable, light and Keen.
All Out Blaze Sieve Convertible
$ 86.23
Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve Convertible
Men's sports sandals for wet conditions.
Bali Women
$ 34.75
Kamik Bali Women
Naisten sporttisandaalit, materiaalina keinonahka.
RX Moc Women's
$ 69.68
Salomon RX Moc Women's
Super comfy footwear for recovery and everyday use.
Nakiska Slipper Women's
$ 60.92
Sorel Nakiska Slipper Women's
Slippers for huts and other accommodation with cold floors.
Sandspur Oak
$ 77.51
Merrell Sandspur Oak
Men's sports sandals.
Capra Rapid
$ 87.00
Merrell Capra Rapid
Men's sport sandals.
$ 39.11
Kamik Silverlake
Men's light sport sandals.
Rover Catch Pop Women's
Vegan Product
$ 39.11
Reef Rover Catch Pop Women's
Relaxed flip flops for women. Vegan product.
Gypsy Wrap
$ 43.46
Reef Gypsy Wrap
Stylish sandals for women.
O'Contrare LX W
$ 26.04
Reef O'Contrare LX W
Women's flip flops.
Sandbanks Women
$ 34.75
Kamik Sandbanks Women
Summer time sandals for women.
Neto Women's Sandal
$ 34.75
Halti Neto Women's Sandal
Lightweight sandals for women.
Hilo Clog
$ 34.80
Crocs Hilo Clog
Light, comfortable Crocs with a freshened up look.
Swiftwater Deck Clog
$ 39.15
Crocs Swiftwater Deck Clog
Familiar Crocs material, fresh looks! Men's model.
Crocband II.5
$ 39.15
Crocs Crocband II.5
New looks, familiar Crocs Comfort!
Women's Islander Turquoise Signature
$ 26.04
Gumbies Women's Islander Turquoise Signature
Flip-flops made to last.
$ 30.45
Crocs Classic
The original Crocs model
Women's Islander Paisley
$ 26.04
Gumbies Women's Islander Paisley
Flip-flops made to last.
Citilane Clog
$ 43.50
Crocs Citilane Clog
Sneaker style Crocs!
Women's Islander Turtle
$ 26.04
Gumbies Women's Islander Turtle
Flip-flops made to last.
$ 19.99
Arena BOW
Special footwear for protecting your soles when ice swimming or fording streams.
Cedrus Convertible
$ 52.17
Merrell Cedrus Convertible
Men's sandals.
Kahuna III Women
$ 86.23
Merrell Kahuna III Women
Sturdy sandal for women, complete with cushioning.
Cedrus Convertible Women's
$ 52.17
Merrell Cedrus Convertible Women's
Women's sandals.
Women's Islander Gecko
$ 26.04
Gumbies Women's Islander Gecko
Flip-flops made to last.
Kahuna III
$ 86.23
Merrell Kahuna III
Men's hiking sandals with leather upper.
Women's Islander Pink Hibiscus
$ 26.04
Gumbies Women's Islander Pink Hibiscus
Flip-flops made to last.
Islander Denim
$ 26.04
Gumbies Islander Denim
Flip-flops made to last.
Adrina Flip
$ 26.08
Crocs Adrina Flip
Stylish summer sandal for women.
Posta Sandal
Outdoor price
$ 26.04
Halti Posta Sandal
Lightweight sandals for men.
Islander Black
$ 26.04
Gumbies Islander Black
Flip-flops with a durable sole.
Islander Cool Grey
$ 26.04
Gumbies Islander Cool Grey
Flip-flops made to last.
Women's Islander Deck Chair
$ 26.04
Gumbies Women's Islander Deck Chair
Flip-flops made to last.
Kyra Vent II Women's
$ 51.39
Columbia Kyra Vent II Women's
Hot weather sandals with ventilated midsole. Women's sizes.
$ 39.15
Crocs Crocband
Retro style Crocs footwear
District Mendi Thong Women's
$ 30.49
Merrell District Mendi Thong Women's
Women's lightweight summer sandals.
Vera Women's Sandal
Outdoor price
$ 34.75
Halti Vera Women's Sandal
Women's sandals.
Women's LiteRide Sandal
$ 17.42
Crocs Women's LiteRide Sandal
Crocs sandals for women.
Dude Moc
$ 56.57
Sorel Dude Moc
Wool mix lined slipper-shoes for men.
Range Slide AC+ Women's
Vegan Product
$ 65.32
Merrell Range Slide AC+ Women's
Laid-back slides for women.
Downtown Slide Buckle
$ 51.39
Merrell Downtown Slide Buckle
Men's sandals with shock absorption.
RX Slide 4.0 W
$ 25.26
Salomon RX Slide 4.0 W
A breathable mesh slip on recovery shoe for after sports or just hanging around. Women's sizes.
Auckland Slipper Low W
$ 65.28
Jack Wolfskin Auckland Slipper Low W
Canvas look slipper with comfort fit