Rab Ultrasphere 1.5 Long Wide

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A highly packable summer pad, still with 8 cm thickness. Longer and wider model.

Modern airpads combine great comfort with temperature-specific insulation. As this model has pretty much no insulation and is made purely for summer use, it boasts a very compact packing size and low weight. The generous thickness helps with comfort: you won’t want to fill the pad too much. It’s a good idea to invest a bit of time to find a comfortable level of inflation.

The Ultrasphere lineup is designed for thru-hiking, bike-packing and multi-day mountain running - uses where every gram counts. Due to this, we recommend you be careful about where you set your pad, as the fabric is in the ultralight category of materials.

It’s wise to always inflate an airpad like this with the included pumpsack. Inflating by blowing might sound tempting, but that’s a sure-fire way of introducing moisture to the insides of the pad - and that’s very tough to get out.

This pad is compatible with the strap system of the Mythic Ultra 120 Modular sleeping bag, and naturally all more regular sleeping bags and quilts.

This Long & Wide model has 13 cm more length and width compared to the baseic size.

  • Two-way valve helps inflating and deflating
  • Roll-away transport bag and pumpsack included
  • Repair kit included

Product information

  • Inflating Mattresses
  • Packing size: 19 x 9 cm
  • R value: 1,3
  • Weight: 476
  • Outer material: 20D recycled polyester
  • Measures: 196 x 64 x 8 cm