Rab Stratosphere 4 Long & Wide

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A very comfortable three season pad, larger size. Durable surface fabric!

Unlike airpads of years gone by, modern day versions often include insulation. The Stratosphere 4 boasts technical fiber, stopping air from circulating between parts warmed up by your body and the rest of the pad, resulting in luxurious warmth. The long and wide model is a piece of luxury not only for taller than average people, as the extra width brings a sense of security especially for side sleepers. As the outermost baffles are thicker than the rest, this is one highly comfortable pad for use from spring to fall. By using a foam pad underneath, it can also serve you during winter. “Long & wide” size: 196 x 64 x 8 cm Tougher than average, the 75 denier surface fabric is made of recycled polyester 160g/m² Stratus R insulation, also made of recycled polyester Pump bag and stuffsack included: we recommend using the pump bag, to avoid introducing moisture to the insulation Included: patch kit

Product information

  • Inflating Mattresses
  • R value: 3,8
  • Weight: 950
  • Measures: 196 x 64 x 8 cm
  • Packing size: 31 x 14 cm