In 1972 when Petzl invented the first headlamp, the idea of attaching the lamp and the battery case to a headband was very innovative: by freeing the hands, any activity could be carried out thanks to a beam of light that remained oriented in the direction the wearer was looking.

Since then, the headlamp has become a major factor for safety and efficiency. Today, the Petzl range of headlamps, by its innovations and by its diversity responds to the demands of numerous situations, from the most extreme (caving, mountaineering, etc...) to everyday needs. Petzl

20 products
Nao Plus
$ 155.90
$ 173.32
Petzl Nao Plus
A reactive headlamp, now with Bluetooth Smart connectivity.
$ 86.23
$ 112.35
Petzl Reactik+
Rechargeable and reactive, with 300 lumen max output.
Core Li-Ion 1250 mAh
$ 26.08
Petzl Core Li-Ion 1250 mAh
Ladattava akku. Petzl Tikka, Tikkina, Zipka, Tactikka ja Actik.
$ 19.95
$ 26.08
Petzl Tikkid
A safe headlamp for children.
Tikkina 2019
Outdoor price
$ 19.95
Petzl Tikkina 2019
Classic-series 250 lm headlamp
Tikka 2019
$ 30.40
$ 34.75
Petzl Tikka 2019
Classic-series 300 lm headlamp
Actik 2019
$ 39.11
$ 43.46
Petzl Actik 2019
Active series headlamp
$ 68.81
Petzl Reactik
Rechargeable and reactive, with 190 lumen max output.
$ 20.85
Petzl Noctilight
Use your Petzl as a lantern!
$ 32.18
Petzl E+Lite
The best emergency headlamp ever? 26 grams of pure function.
$ 43.46
$ 60.88
Petzl Bindi
A minimalistic rechargeable head lamp.
Reactik spare battery, 1.8 Ah
$ 46.07
Petzl Reactik spare battery, 1.8 Ah
USB Charger
$ 26.08
Petzl USB Charger
Car and mains adapters with USB output.
Crochlamp L Helmet Mount set
$ 14.76
Petzl Crochlamp L Helmet Mount set
Bendable hooks for mounting a headlamp to your helmet.
$ 39.11
Petzl Zipka
Small and easy to use 300 lm headlamp from the Petzl Classic-series
Swift RL LED
$ 130.56
Petzl Swift RL LED
Reactive head lamp, max. output 900 lumen.
Actik Core 2019
$ 56.53
$ 69.60
Petzl Actik Core 2019
Active series headlamp
Crochlamp S Helmet Mounts
$ 12.15
Petzl Crochlamp S Helmet Mounts
Helmet mount set for head lamps, suitable for thin-edged helmets
Helmet adapter for Tikka and Zipka
$ 7.80
Petzl Helmet adapter for Tikka and Zipka
Helmet adapter for Tikka and Zipka
Reactik Battery Adapter
$ 13.02
Petzl Reactik Battery Adapter
Battery adapter for Reactik lights.