All started with the legendary Muurikka-pan in 1976. Muurikka has now merged forces with Opa and they make innovated products to all fans of outdoor cooking. Muurikka wants that eating outside is not just cooking, it's a combined experience, great food with great company.

9 products
Coffee pot 3 l
$ 43.47
Muurikka Coffee pot 3 l
A tough coffee pot for open fire use. Three liters.
Leisku with protective bag
$ 25.73
Muurikka Leisku with protective bag
Steel frying pan for open fire and gas stove use.
Coffee pot 1,5 l
$ 34.60
Muurikka Coffee pot 1,5 l
For open fire use. Compact 1.5 liter version.
Campfire frying pan
$ 15.88
Muurikka Campfire frying pan
Frying pan for open fire use.
Pork fat
$ 4.73
Muurikka Pork fat
For both cooking and maintenance of cast iron and carbon steel pots and pans.
Spatula 34 cm
$ 7.90
Muurikka Spatula 34 cm
A compact, high-grade stainless steel spatula.
Camp Fire Pot 2.3 l
$ 24.75
Muurikka Camp Fire Pot 2.3 l
2.3 liter pot for cooking on a camp fire.
Camp Fire Pot 4.6 l
$ 30.07
Muurikka Camp Fire Pot 4.6 l
4.6 liter pot for cooking on a camp fire.
Hand grill
$ 22.18
Muurikka Hand grill
Hand-held grill made of stainless steel.