Men's Collar shirts

Our collar shirt range offers everything from featherweight, UV protected summer shirts to traditional flannel often used in colder conditions. Thanks to a wide assortment of materials and manufacturers, everyone can find a suitable shirt at Scandinavian Outdoor. Check out the men's collared shirt selection.
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Felsenweg Ins Shirt M
Outdoor price
$ 87.00
Jack Wolfskin Felsenweg Ins Shirt M
Canada Shirt Solid
$ 147.19
Fjällräven Canada Shirt Solid
Alaska shirt
$ 155.90
Sasta Alaska shirt
Fjällglim Shirt
$ 103.65
Fjällräven Fjällglim Shirt
Skog Shirt
$ 103.65
Fjällräven Skog Shirt
Singi Heavy Flannel Shirt
$ 103.65
Fjällräven Singi Heavy Flannel Shirt
Wanderweg Shirt M
Outdoor price
$ 41.72
Jack Wolfskin Wanderweg Shirt M
Hot Springs SS
$ 34.80
Jack Wolfskin Hot Springs SS
Ridgefield Sherpa Lined
Outdoor price
$ 85.35
Marmot Ridgefield Sherpa Lined
Canada Shirt
Outdoor price
$ 129.77
Fjällräven Canada Shirt
Hot Chili Shirt M
$ 34.80
Jack Wolfskin Hot Chili Shirt M
Kenovo II SS Shirt
Outdoor price
$ 30.40
Jack Wolfskin Kenovo II SS Shirt
Abisko Cool SS Shirt
Outdoor price
$ 66.16
Fjällräven Abisko Cool SS Shirt
Aerobora LS
$ 60.88
Marmot Aerobora LS
Nosilife Adventure LS shirt
$ 87.05
Craghoppers Nosilife Adventure LS shirt
Men's Koster Polo
$ 69.68
Helly Hansen Men's Koster Polo
Men's Triple Canyon Tech Polo
$ 43.55
Columbia Men's Triple Canyon Tech Polo
Men's Ekren Solid LS Shirt
$ 104.51
Lundhags Men's Ekren Solid LS Shirt
Rask Shirt
$ 113.23
Lundhags Rask Shirt
Men's Atacama LS Shirt
$ 73.99
Jack Wolfskin Men's Atacama LS Shirt
Men's Hempline SS
$ 65.28
Royal Robbins Men's Hempline SS
Little Lake Shirt
Outdoor price
$ 21.69
Jack Wolfskin Little Lake Shirt
Nelson Point Polo
$ 43.55
Columbia Nelson Point Polo
Utilizer Polo
$ 39.19
Columbia Utilizer Polo
Men's Nelson Point Polo Big
$ 47.90
Columbia Men's Nelson Point Polo Big
Men's Aerobora Novelty SS
$ 69.68
Marmot Men's Aerobora Novelty SS
Comino Leaf SS
$ 34.84
Royal Robbins Comino Leaf SS
Silver Ridge EU 2.0 Plaid LS
$ 56.57
Columbia Silver Ridge EU 2.0 Plaid LS
Men's Räven Shirt SS
$ 112.35
Fjällräven Men's Räven Shirt SS
Highland Shirt SS
$ 52.22
Jack Wolfskin Highland Shirt SS
Men's Original Polo
$ 69.68
Peak Performance Men's Original Polo
Men's Sandroute Shirt
$ 78.34
Jack Wolfskin Men's Sandroute Shirt
Anderson Lightweight Flannel
Outdoor price
$ 48.77
Marmot Anderson Lightweight Flannel
Övik Lite Padded Shirt
$ 190.74
Fjällräven Övik Lite Padded Shirt
Men's Adventure Shirt
Outdoor price
$ 69.60
Supernatural Men's Adventure Shirt
Thermotech Ren Plaid LS
Outdoor price
$ 60.88
Royal Robbins Thermotech Ren Plaid LS
Men's Fairfax Midweight Flannel Long Sleeve
Outdoor price
$ 39.19
Marmot Men's Fairfax Midweight Flannel Long Sleeve
Övik Heavy Flannel Shirt
Outdoor price
$ 73.95
Fjällräven Övik Heavy Flannel Shirt
Abisko Trek Shirt SS
Outdoor price
$ 82.91
Fjällräven Abisko Trek Shirt SS
Crowley pique
$ 78.34
Fjällräven Crowley pique
Nosilife Pro IV LS
$ 94.93
Craghoppers Nosilife Pro IV LS
Aerobora SS
$ 52.17
Marmot Aerobora SS
Men's Moment Flannel Shirt
$ 104.51
Peak Performance Men's Moment Flannel Shirt
Abisko Trekking Shirt M
$ 112.35
Fjällräven Abisko Trekking Shirt M
Men's Hooded Campshire Shirt
Outdoor price
$ 85.35
The North Face Men's Hooded Campshire Shirt