Meindl Kansas GTX Lady

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High quality waterproof hiking boots for many kinds of terrain. Women's sizes.

UK sizes. Very popular ankle-supporting hiking boots. The leather surface withstands use even in demanding terrain, and the structure’s Gore-Tex membrane keeps your feet dry. Women’s sizes. The B-category support helps your legs cope even on uneven terrain, even if a lot of weight has accumulated on the chest. If values between two sizes, choose the larger one. A wider than normal last, for a Meindl shoe Top-quality leather as surface material Gore-Tex membrane keeps water out Meindl Multigrip outsole B-stiffness: the shoes are sturdy enough for normal hiking use but not as stiff as special shoes for rocky areas Meindlin’s Digafix support holds the stand well A decent stone guard at the tip Thanks to the design of the sole, the Kansas rolls comfortably Full details To find the right size, we recommend measuring your foot size at home while standing and see below which Kansas GTX Lady size best matches the size of your own foot. Remember to leave at least a centimeter of room for your shoes. Kansas GTX Lady shoe insole length (L), Insole width at the widest point (W). UK 3.5 L 24.2 cm, W 8.4 cm UK 4 L 24.6 cm, W 8.4 cm UK 4.5 L 25 cm, W 8.4 cm UK 5 L 25.5 cm, W 8.4 cm UK 5.5 L 26 cm, W 8.4 cm UK 6 L 26.1 cm, W 8.5 cm UK 6.5 L 26.5 cm, W 8.5 cm UK 7 L 27.2 cm, W 8.8 cm UK 7.5 L 27.6 cm, W 8.9 cm UK 8 L 28 cm, W 9 cm

Product information

  • Weight: 590
  • Membrane: Gore-Tex
  • Regular last