Marttiini Pioneeripuukko

Kumikahva, ruostumaton terä nonstick-pinnoitteella.

The Pioneeripuuko (Engineer’s knife) is a smaller version of the Marttiini Sissipuukko (Ranger’s knife / Long range recce knife). It shares the same no-nonsense characteristics: a rubber handle for secure grip and stainless and nonstick coated blade for worry-free use. Handle: rubber Blade: 11 cm, stainless steel with Martef coating Total length: 23 cm Leather sheath Handles made of synthetic materials always look the same, but wood handles each have a unique grain pattern - this means the knife you receive will not match the product image 100%. Please note that we do not accept grain patterns as a reason for a product exchange. Marttiini knives produced after October 2023 are made in Estonia.

Product information